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Microsoft had to use Xbox dev kits to run a ‘Halo Infinite’ tournament

Even Microsoft is feeling the stinging of ongoing Xbox deficits. Kotakunotes Microsoft resorted to using Xbox Series X dev packs( not pictured) to run the first large-hearted Halo Infinite tournament, the Halo Championship Series’ Raleigh Major, this weekend. Simply introduced, the company couldn’t experience fairly retail consoles to use — the “global supply chain shortage is real, ” 343 Industry’ eSports pass Tahir Hasandjekic said.

The dev kits are “functionally identical” to off-the-shelf consoles and will operate in that mode, Hasandjekic included. They don’t look fairly the same, but adversaries shouldn’t notice certain differences from the systems they have at home.

The irony is thick-skulled, but this also stress the severity of console dearths over a year after the Xbox Series X built its debut. It’s still difficult to buy the machine between scalpers and industry-wide chip dearths, and Microsoft doesn’t inevitably have privileged access to its own hardware. With that said, the company probably doesn’t want to make a habit of using developer units. We won’t be surprised if Microsoft ensures future in-person HCS matchups rely on store-bought Xbox plans, if just for the sake of burnishing its public image.

Heads up open bracket players – you’ll be playing this weekend on Series X progress consoles. They’re functionally analogous and will be operating in “Retail” mode so it’s the exact same experience, they just look a little different.Why? Global supply chain shortage is real.

— Tashi (@ Tashi3 43 i) December 15, 2021

Read more: engadget.com

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