Microsoft Discovered New ‘Powerdir’ macOS Vulnerability, Fixed in 12.1 Update

This morning, Microsoft’s 365 Defender research team secreted detailed description of a new macOS “Powerdir” vulnerability that allows an attacker to bypass transparency, consent, and control technology to gain unauthorized access to protected data.

Apple have now been determined vulnerability CVE-2 021 -3 0970 in the macOS Monterey 12.1 Update released in December, so useds who have upgraded to the latest version of Monterey are protected. Those who haven’t should revise. Apple in its Security Release Notes for Update 12.1 corroborated the vulnerability of TCC and attributed its uncovering to Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, the “Powerdir” security vulnerability could allow the installation of a forge TCC database.

TCC is a long-lasting macOS peculiarity that enables users to configure the specific characteristics specifies of their apps, and with the bullshit database, an attacker could hijack an app set on a Mac or install their own malicious app by gaining access to the microphone and the camera to obtain confidential information.

Microsoft has a detailed description of how the vulnerability acts, and the company says its security investigates continue to “monitor the threat landscape” for new vulnerabilities and attack procedures changing macOS and other non-Windows devices.

“Software vendors like Apple, protection researchers, and the larger security community, need to continuously work together to identify and fix vulnerabilities before attacks can take advantage of them, ” wrote Microsoft’s security team.

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