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Microsoft announces its first Azure data center region in Denmark

Microsoft continues to expand its world-wide Azure data center presence at a rapid excerpt. After announcing new regions in Austria and Taiwan in October, the company today uncovered its plans to launch a new sphere in Denmark.

As with many of Microsoft’s recent proclamations, the company is also attaching a commitment to provide digital abilities to 200,000 parties in its own country( in this case, by 2024 ).

“With this investment, we’re taking the next step in our longstanding commitment to provide Danish society and businesses with the digital implements, skills and infrastructure needed to drive sustainable growth, innovation, and employment creation. We’re investing in Denmark’s digital leap into the future- all in a way that supports the country’s grandiose environment objectives and economic recovery, ” said Nana Bule, general manager, Microsoft Denmark.

Image Credits: Microsoft

The new data center, which will be powered by 100% renewable energy and boast several availability areas, will peculiarity support for what has now become the standard set of Microsoft cloud makes: Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

As usual, the idea here is to provide low-latency access to Microsoft’s tools and services. It has long been Microsoft’s strategy to covering the globe with regional data centers. Europe is a prime example of this, with neighborhoods( both functional and announced) in about a dozen countries already. In the U.S ., Azure currently offers 13 parts( including 3 alone for government agencies ), with a new field on the West Coast coming soon.

” This is a proud daylight for Microsoft in Denmark ,” said Brad Smith, president, Microsoft.” Building a hyper-scale datacenter in Denmark means we’ll store Danish data in Denmark, induce computing more accessible at even faster hurryings, lock data with our world-class security, protect data with Danish privacy laws, and do more to provide to the people of Denmark our best digital skills training. This investment shows our deep appreciation of Denmark’s light-green and digital lead globally and our commitment to the future development .”

Microsoft Azure announces its first region in Austria

Microsoft announces its first Azure data center region in Taiwan

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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