Mercedes S-Class (2021) PRODUCTION – The Most Modern Car Factory in the World

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223/ V223 production line in the ultra modern Mill 56.

The product concept of the “Factory 56 ” is setting new standards. This includes man-machine-cooperations and digitally patronage manages including work organization as well as logistics and quality assurance. The weed is not only digitised regularly according to Industry 4.0, it is also connected to other makes in the world production network.

The 360 degree relationship along the whole value chain is an essential feature- from service suppliers, through to the development department, intend and our yield and to our purchasers. In the future, for example, the finished vehicles shall drive off the line automated to the loading station. Under “Digital Anticipation” in the Mercedes me App and online, purchasers buying new vehicles can already today gain exclusive penetrations into the production of their motor vehicles and thus have a much more entertaining wait for delivery.

In the assembly hall itself state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technologies are utilized. Driverless transport systems( DTS) with concoction baskets subscribe logistics in the general assembly and ensure the seamless supply of the requirement for cloths for the employees at the line. Innovative Radio Frequency Identification-technologies( RFID) are integrated into the “Factory 56 “. Components and vehicles can thus be digitally tracked and linked with one another.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data dissections and Predictive Maintenance guarantee high-pitched clarity and brace in production contriving, sovereignty and also in quality assurance. Through the analysis of existing production data, for example, projections on possible blames or due maintenance work can be made in advance.

The human is at the center of all activities in the “Factory 56 “. The employees is currently working on ergonomically optimised workstations and are optimally supported in their tasks by digital tools. The focus is on the use of intelligent, resilient technology. A new work organisation provided for adaptable and modern working go modelings. The crack orbits are designed according to the latest standards- for example with a pantry, couch and info screen.

Modular house structures are characteristic for the “Factory 56 “, with a pattern that is both energy-efficient and green, so environmentally friendly. The assembly consumes renewable energies and abbreviates CO2 production, liquid uptake and consume significantly.

On the ceiling of “Factory 56 ” there is a photovoltaic system which feeds light-green electricity into the yields supply. This leads to a reduction of yearly 5,000 MWh of energy. An electric vehicle of such products and technology label EQ, for example the electrical SUV EQC, could be charged 72,000 experiences a year with this. That is the equivalent of around 36 million kilometres mileage a year. CO2 releases at the “Factory 56 ” will be reduced by 75 percentage compared to today’s S-Class production in Sindelfingen.

The interpretation of the assembly hall is very translucent. The Blue Sky architecture corroborates a pleasant working atmosphere for the employees in daylight. In addition, the temperature of the corridor can be set at up to seven positions below the outside temperature.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz

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