Covert Commissions Make Money and Social Media Bundles

Covert Commissions Make Money and Social Media Bundles

Mealco raises $7M to launch new delivery-centric restaurants

Mealco, a startup promising to help cooks propel brand-new restaurants designed around delivery, is announcing that it has raised$ 7 million in seed funding.

It’s probably not news to anyone reading this that opening a diner can be an expensive, high-risk proposition — and of course, many diners have gone out of business during the pandemic.

But founder and CEO Daniel Simon( who was previously a developer and product precede at Applicaster, and has also worked with Tel Aviv restaurant group R2M) said here today even in the most wonderful of goes, it can take$ 1 or$ 2 million to get started, and” if you want to hit the ground running, 98% of your focus is not on the food or “the consumers ” .”

With Mealco, on the other hand, there’s no need to sign a lease or any other upfront costs for the chefs, and they get to focus on actually procreating the saucers and the menu. Mealco locally sources the ingredients, which are then cooked exploiting the startup’s kitchen infrastructure and offered for delivery via the standard delivery apps — Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates and Seamless.

Simon said that with Mealco, the process of get a brand-new diner up and running only makes six to eight weeks:” We tell[ the chefs] they don’t need to chop any more onions or tomatoes. There’s Mealco software that can tell works at the Mealco kitchen how to prepare[ each dish ].”


Cayenne. Image Credits: Mealco

Mealco also provides support around branding, market and social media, and yields cooks access to a dashboard with real-time data about menu performance and client feedback, which can allow them to quickly make adjustments as needed. The chef, he said, can ” cope the restaurant from their mobile phone .”

The startup has already propelled two eateries delivering in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens — Mexican restaurant Tributo and Nashville hot chicken restaurant Cayenne( the latter with cook Hillary Sterling ). And it says there are 50 cooks on the waitlist.

Asked whether any of Mealco’s partners mind being kept separate from the meat cooking and the dining know, Simon said it depends on the chef.

” If you want to open a single location and is inside the kitchen every morning ,” then he said Mealco isn’t for you.” That not wrong or right, it’s a liking … But most cooks are architects, they’re artists. They express themselves through meat .” And in his opinions, Mealco allows them to focus on that creativity.

Rucker Park Capital passed the round with participation from FJLabs, Reshape, 2048. vc, Oceans Ventures, WLP and angel investors including former Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky. Simon said the plan is to launch throughout New York City and surrounding areas this year, before moving on to new metropolis next year.

” We had the opportunity to see the evolution of the meat ecosystem firsthand in the past few years ,” said Wes Tang-Wymer, general marriage at Rucker Park Capital, in a statement posted.” The duration is ripe to embrace all these advances to launch new firebrands in a new format. In Mealco, we ascertained the most compelling model to push the frontier of diner invention further by empowering chefs to make’ idea-to-table’ faster and cheaper than ever before .”

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