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Maine bans facial recognition technology from schools and most police work

Maine has passed the strongest statewide law regulating government use of facial recognition to date. The state’s House and Senate elected unanimously in favor of rules that veto law enforcement officers from applying the technology unless they have probable motive that an unidentified person in an persona perpetrated a serious offence. Once the law goes into effect later this year, it will also restriction how police deport facial ID huntings. They won’t have direct access to the tech. Instead, they’ll need to go through the FBI and Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles( BMV) in the few instances where they’re sanctioned to use it.

Additionally, the existing legislation opens citizens the right to sue the position if they repute a government agency has employed information and communication technologies unlawfully. It too restricts Maine from deploying facial recognition plans in class, and mandates that both Maine State Police and the BMV will need to maintain public records of search solicits from law enforcement.

The American Civil Liberties Union( ACLU) said the money “stands in abrupt contrast” to Washington state’s SB 6280, the only other statewide statute in the US governing the use of facial acknowledgment. That legislation was sponsored and chiefly to be established by a current Microsoft employee. It has also been criticized by privacy advocates for giving police too many opportunities to use the technology for surveillance intents.

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