Lenovo ThinkSmart View Brings Smart Displays To The Office

When we think of smart displays, we usually should be considered designs that are used in the home where they can be used to watch videos and do video announcements. However, if you’re in a working conditions and are intended to articulated some smart displays in your office, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Lenovo has announced its new ThinkSmart View.

Lenovo is not new to the smart display market, but with the ThinkSmart View seems to be geared more towards those working in the office as it is powered by Microsoft Teams. This means that office workers who rely on Microsoft Teams to talk to each other will be able to use this dedicated design to communicate.

The ThinkSmart View will be priced starting at $349, or $449 which comes with a pair of Bluetooth headphones for those working in open roles. While this isn’t precisely cheap, it is still a lot cheaper in comparison with other organization mixtures out there that can easily cost twice, or thrice the amount that Lenovo is asking for.

Interestingly enough, there was a recently-discovered patent that suggests that Microsoft could also have something similar in the works, where they patented a smart loudspeaker that comes with a built-in pico projector that can also be used for work-related video conferences.

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