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Landscape site launches with the aim of becoming the ‘Glassdoor for VC’

You’ve probably heard of Glassdoor, which exists to allow employees to rate companies anonymously. Now a UK inventor has decided to address the thorny issue of rating venture capitalists.

Landscape, a new recollect programme for tech startup founders to discover and find investment opportunities, officially launches today. Started by CompSci graduate Joe Perkins, the locate claims to provide transparent feedback from financiers on its own experience with European VCs and accelerators. During its recent beta phase, Landscape clocked-up 700 over the examinations and has garnered 83′ Verified Partners’ on the scaffold. The meaning is to start with the UK and Europe and later expand to the US market.

But Perkins has not started the locate without manufacture connection. Landscape has built an advisory group which includes Alex Depledge MBE( benefactor and CEO of Resi ), Eammon Carey( MD of Techstars London and collaborator at The Fund ), Emma Sinclair MBE( co-Founder of Enterprise Alumni ), Hussein Kanji( partner at Hoxton Ventures ), and Jon Bradford( marriage at Dynamo Ventures ).

Another institutional VC giving its endorsement to the platform is Ada Ventures. Partner’ Check’ Warner said in a statement: “The VC and accelerator countryside is regularly announced out due to bad actors or for not doing enough to be more all-inclusive. There are some great arrangements previously working with firms to construct things better, but data is incredibly important and founders often feel incapacitated when fostering money in the beginning. Landscape’s platform not only stipulates much-needed transparency for everyone, tiers the field, and implies investors is gonna have to take consistent and sustained action rather than provide lip service, or a one-off. Even better- investors will have more penetration into how benefactors suppose them and have the insights they need to improve.”

Perkins came up with the idea this year, during the last peak of Covid1 9 in the UK, after his own experiences invoking uppercase for his educational technology fellowship Coursematch in 2019. “We had been sloping a cluster of investors and I’d been really interested to see how the quality of interaction alternated so greatly from each fund. We had one interaction in particular with a London-based fund that ended up being a real time-waster, and I retain meditating “I wish I had a mechanism to warn future founders! ”, he commented. Coursematch terminated up raising funds from the Ignite Accelerator and the Development Bank of Wales.

The platform examines are provided by anonymous founders, who score VCs and accelerators they have interacted with on 12 different factors such as Approachability, Diversity, and Response times. Founders have to provide more information about themselves, the business, and whether the conglomerate they are reviewing invested in their startup, in order to provide context. Landscape is free for founders to use, but offers a compensate due for VCs enabling them to unlock premium business allowing them a liberty of reply. Clearly, some might consider that a species of intimidation, but given they can reply to reviews, and watch the reasons they might be losing traces, it might concentrate a few cases imaginations on how they can improve their offering to founders.

The launch of the site perhaps likewise reflects the fact that UK VC has reached the point where there is now more competition for deals.

The idea itself is not new. Started in 2007, Glassdoor set out to do this for any company. It was acquired by the Japanese firm, Recruit Holdings, for US $1.2 billion in 2018. Better known as a stage for employees to air their grievances about big corporates, you will of course sometimes visualize tech startups appear on the platform, in a positive or negative light.

In the VC space, Adeo Ressi, founder of The Founder Institute, propelled TheFunded in 2007. The website is designed to allow inventors to write anonymous re-examines about venture capital groups and their treats. It was chiefly met with derision from VCs and Ressi intended to keep the site anonymous but was eventually outed. TheFunded never really taken away from( as the dated scheme and aged modernizes substantiate ), as the VC world is notoriously gossipy and it would not usually be that hard to figure out who was doing the dissing.

This is the challenge faced by Landscape. TheFunded started in a very large VC sector, the US. By contrast, Landscape is launching into the UK first, which is many times smaller.

Perkins told TechCrunch it’s been many years since TheFunded launched and” the ecosystem has evolved to a spot where something like Landscape can exist “. He just said Landscape “il be going” world very soon:” Success for Landscape is creating a platform that not only lets founders to complete due diligence on investors before taking their capital, but also provides investors with the revelations they need to iterate and improve on their own product, something more and more VCs are becoming open to. While a specific VC may be able to infer who they think has left a review, Landscape will never explicitly reveal this .”

” Most of the responses that the founders leave in their review are included on the scaffold, but some are left out to protect the founders’ obscurity. Of the 600 founders that left open its consideration of the item thus far , nothing have raised issues with this- with that tell me anything, Landscape will always allow for a founder to remove or edit their review at a later date. A mint of recollects are being have brought about benefactors within a portfolio, which may be more complementary to the fund. With more revaluations from anyone who has been in discussion with the firm, we’ll be able to give founders more information for their due diligence ,” he added.

According to Landscape, the 10 Best Performing European VC Firms rated by its community( such is un-ranked itemizes ), with over five evaluates are 😛 TAGEND

7percent Ventures Ada Ventures Ascension Ventures BACKED VC Connect Ventures Dynamo Ventures Episode 1 Endeavours Kindred Capital Seedcamp Talis Capital

Additional revelations based on roughly 700 recalls still further include 😛 TAGEND

* VCs compose worst on “Diversity”, and “Beyond Money”.* Accelerators value worst for Post Programme Support.* Female benefactors frequently feel less supported by their investors than male founders.* Founders who didn’t successfully raise uppercase pace VC “Response Time” lower than those who did.

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