La French Tech at CES 2021: 100+ Startups – All-Digital CES Jan 11-14, 2021

Open Source Interactive robot at the French Tech Pavilion, Eureka Park, CES 2020

La French Tech is back at Ce 2021 with over 100 French fellowships. For the second year, Ubergizmo is an official media partner, and we will cover the best innovations France has to offer at Ce 2021. The present ever held exclusively online from Jan 11, 2021, to Jan 14, 2021, you can see the schedule here, and you need to register to connect with the exhibitors. Please scroll down to the end of my article here to see a sample of 20+ French Tech startups with their short concoction descriptions.

Accessing the French Tech Startups at Ce 2021

Here is a direct link to see all the French Tech startups at Ces 2021. You need first to register to list them in your “My Show” section. To connect with their units or representatives, either via meaning or to be established by a find, you need to search the company appoints in the Attendees Directory.

La French Tech by the Numbers

La French Tech is the brand name used to describe the French startup community: inventors, investors, technologists, designers, conceived rulers, public organizations, etc ., committed to the growth of French startups and their international expansion. This year, the French Tech delegation, led by Business France, Choose France, and the French Tech network from 11 French regions, includes various enormous French firms such as La Poste( French Postal Assistance and Tech4Island, DEF( French Energy Services ). At Ce 2020, La French Tech showcased over 300+ startups; check our coverage of the best products and innovations now.

When it comes to showcasing innovative startups at CES, France has proven to be among the top startup societies at the prove since the inception of La French Tech in 2013, under the lead of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance. The number of French startups at Eureka Park flourished from 38 in 2014 to 178 in 2017, to reach over 300 last year. In 2019, the French Tech Startups outnumbered the American startups present atEureka Park.

According to the French government, France is now an alluring end for international investments, specifically in the tech manufacture, for innovative fellowships looking to expand their business in Europe.

In 2019, La French Tech launched two indicators to rank the best startup in France: the Next4 0 for the 40 best-performing companies and the French Tech 120 for the country’s top 120 startups that will access a dedicated acceleration platform. Firms listed under the Next 40 given a median growth rate of 158% over the last three years, a high performance that could lead them to become world-wide tech leaders.

La French Tech will showcase over 100 startups at Ces 2021, and you can check the list on their website now. You can browse the same list in the interactive brochure here.

See below a test of a few French Tech startups with cool devices. We will cover some of them during the show; check the updates on our French Tech microsite.

Editor’s note: the produce descriptions below were provided by the startups; they do not reflect Ubergizmo’s opinion.

20 French Tech Startups- a sample from the 100+ at Ce 2021 ADVERTISING/ ENTERTAINMENT& CONTENT

Earsquared EarCITY C is a high seemed character open-ear headphone to free people from all the constraints of isolation or ear stings are connected with wearing usual headphones or earphones. It offers an excellent audio alternative to the usual portable devices for greater comfort and safety.


Klaxoon Pioneer in smart work technologies, Klaxoon implements collaborative solutions for effective, artistic& all-inclusive collaboration: day-to-day meets, brainstorming discussions, and long-term planning or monitoring … On-site or remotely. The winner of 4 CES Innovation Awards since 2016, Klaxoon is used by millions of crews in 120 countries and is listed in the French Tech Next 40.

Jooxster Jooxter is a cutting-edge workplace management tool powered by holistic occupancy analytics. Following the COVID crisis, it helps professions adapt to new ways of wreaking and enables people to find a workspace at all times and to reconnect with their colleagues whether they work remotely or on-site.


AllPriv Allpriv imparts Nomadic cybersecurity at these levels as the security services you would expect for the agency: Easy, Efficient, Secure.


xRapid xRapid Group is an Artificial Intelligence-based startup be concentrated on automated diagnosis for the microscopy manufacture. Initially created to diagnose Malaria, xRapid has grown by providing rapidly deployable and scalable mixtures in the state and environmental hygiene industries. This time, xRapid was awarded a CES 2021 Inventions Award for xRblood Pro and last year, a CES 2020 Innovations Award for xRblood, the first self-testing machine able to perform a blood check at home exerting our patented Artificial intelligence and the precede of xBlood Pro. The fellowship comes to the show with another award-winning product: the xHale mask designed by subsidiary company NGNR, stay adjusted for more coverage.


Bookinou Bookinou’s mission is to accompany children in the discovery of learn. Bookinou is a screenless audio storyteller that tells 3-7 years old children the audio fib of EVERY book with a loved one’s voice. The corporation is also developing content and services for class and schools.

Ecojoko Energy-saving stirred easy for everyone to start saving 25% now. Discover Ecojoko, the first Home Energy Assistant that helps reduce electricity waste. A simple solution created with a unique Artificial Intelligence-based technology to know how your residence is using energy. Ecojoko is designed to benefit both you and our planet.

Dipongo The Dipongo crew was tired of seeing children glued to their screens. That’s why they set up the first applied in personalized tales that operate between the real and the virtual lives. With the Dipongo application, minors become active participants in their favorite floors: they are no more passive “content-on-screen” purchasers. Dipongo is now available for individuals in Europe with a monthly subscription and soon to launch in North America. See it on

Family Self Care Family Self Care reinvents self-care with easy, personalized, and eco-friendly natural care for the modern house. Family Self Care offers everyday plant-based well-being with the connected feel-good device, SelfCare1( r ), which instantaneously gives a personalized combining of critical oils in individual doses.

Feelloo by Ubiscale Feelloo is the tiniest connected medallion that unearths and takes care of your feline. The Felloo medalion thwarts loss, and monitors act for the purposes of the your cat’s well-being, thanks to an efficient GPS. With an unrivaled minuscule sizing, the first-of-its-kind freemium app, and subtle pattern, Feelloo reassures and fulfills all feline parents.

Blue by Wecleen Blue is a maneuver that allows consumers to produce in 10 hours 350 ml of a certified disinfecting and cleanser cleaning answer. Wecleen’s recipe is based on 2% of natural parts, 98% tap water, and the influence of electrolysis. The final product can be used to replace 90% of all your dwelling emptying makes and hydro alcoholic gelatin. Blue renders an efficient detergent biocide with no side effects and no jeopardy pictograms.


Lynx Lynx designs and constructions high-end products desegregating AR and VR that deliver very good immersive knowledge. Lynx R-1 is the firstly untethered video see-through head-mounted display( HMD ). With Qualcomm’s latest technology inside, the AR/ VR know-how fosters the bar for entertainment, practise, and remote collaboration.


Eyelights EyeLights is the augmented reality answer for mobility. Upgrade your helmet with our new head-up display( HUD) Technology. GPS, Intercom, Calls, Music are displayed directly in your line of sight.

MACA MACA wants to help pave the way for the benefit of future generations VTOL( Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles( currently eVTOL: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing ). MACA is developing a HVTOL vehicle( Hydrogen Vertical Take-Off and Landing) piloted by a worker on board and using hydrogen as its energy source instead of electricity. The eVTOL machines with batteries are dedicated to urban mobility. The MACA Carcopter consumes hydrogen as its exertion informant to focus on peri-urban mobility( generated its higher patience ).

Xubaka by Sodium Cycles Sodium Cycles is a company whose inception has been derived from the will to design, develop, and marketplace two-wheeled electric vehicles with a brand-new “French Flair” on clean-living engineering, are available in a light-weight and stylish vintage layout. Likewise on

Woodoo Woodoo was founded on the idea that humanity will live in greater harmonization with our planet if our cloth prosperity comes from the most abundant renewable resource available on earth: grove , not dangerous information like concrete or plastics. Woodoo appearances natural grove from regenerative forestry into high-performance fabrics: tactile, translucent, improbably resistant.

Temo Inspired by urban mobility and electro-portability, we establish TEMO: a brand-new electrical propulsion solution that incorporates the lightness of an oar with the effect of an outboard. Sustainable, universal, and sunrise, the TEMO propulsion solution takes care of both boaters and the environment. The concoction adapts to all boat natures and uses.


Cutii Cutii aims to achieve promoting intergenerational rapports to improve seniors’ well-being and ensure they thrive in their later years. Empowering human interactions is at the very core of Cutii’s technology, an idea born from an inspire jaunt to Silicon Valley where technology and life-style move hand-in-hand. Robot companion for elderly- https :// comment-ca-marche/


Green Tech Innovation Green Tech Innovations designs and develops optimal solutions to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s environmental challenges. Like many of our ground-breaking technologies, solar E-Light allows us to considerably reduce energy consumption through intelligent management of street lighting systems within the Smart Cities’ framework.

Lextan Lextan presents AUTOPOD, a compact, semi-autonomous unmanned transmission vehicle dedicated to last-mile logistics. A human operator can remotely drive numerous AUTOPOD s in all complex city traffic situations, while human telepresence aims to provide better customer service to the last-mile. By merging the best of human adaptability with the most effective self-driving engineerings, AUTOPOD will be a game-changer for the packet and food delivery assistances in the smart-alecky metropoli of tomorrow.


Active Look by Microoled Microoled gives award-winning Micro-displays OLED and smart-alecky glass answers. ActiveLook by Microoled is a CES 2021 Award Innovation recipient.

Tali Connected TALI designs, develops, and sells high-performance motorcycle equipment with a refined motif that integrates a series of new-generation safety structures. We dedicate our power and expertise to improve motorcyclists’ safety and to help reduce coincidences. The goal is to enable motorcycle suitors to follow their anger a little more safely. Tali is a CES 2021 Innovation Award recipient.

La French Tech at Ce 2021: 100+ Startups- All-Digital Ce Jan 11 -1 4, 2021

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