Fertility tracking has met an explosion of startup task in recent years. Femtech startup Lady Technologies is adding to this rich mix with the full U.S. open of a dual-purpose device, announced kegg, that’s designed to measure hormonal changes in a woman’s cervical fluid to help her determine the chance of conception on a passed day.

The egg-shaped gizmo, which boasts a gold-plated steel cap and party ringing its tip-off, as well as a silicone tail to house its Bluetooth radio( in order to be allowed to chat to the companion app ), doubles as a connected pelvic floor tutor( the’ k’ in kegg is for’ kegels ‘) — taking a leaf out of UK femtech pioneer Elvie’s playbook. Though the two-in-one function is a new twist.

Kegg relies on a technology announced impedance to feel electrolyte levels in a woman’s cervical liquid in order to detect the hormonal button from estrogen to progesterone preeminence that accompanies ovulation — via a daily research that’s bragged as do simply two minutes.( If you’re likewise using it for the optional kegal workouts that would take a bit longer .)

” A minute electrical impulse at a specific frequency is emitted from the gold plated electrodes on the kegg and received by the other( this process is then made ). By sensing the changing trends in the impedance, we’re able to detect the hormonal deepen and make a prediction to the user ,” clarifies CEO and founder Kristina Cahojova.” Since every woman’s liquids are slightly different, kegg needs to record at least one fertile window to provide personalized projections .”

” We have innumerable patents on the underlying design of kegg and key aspects of how it controls ,” she adds.

Kegg was launched on the TechCrunch Disrupt SF stage, back in 2018, as part of our startup battleground race( though it didn’t go on to win ). Fast forward two years and it’s now officially launching out of beta to offer the FD-Aregistered gizmo to the U.S. busines — priced at $275.

It’s announcing a $1.5 M seed round too, with investors including Crescent Ridge Partners, SOSV, Texas Halo Fund, Fermata Fund and MegaForce, as well as some unnamed angel investors.

Commenting in a statement, Samina Hydery, kegg advisor and women’s health investor, said:” Investor interest in femtech and fertility has accelerated over the last few years. While I’ve seen an influx of ovulation prediction packages, at-home blood tests, menstrual tracking apps, and temperature monitors in the consumer market, kegg’s ethic overture became clear once I spoke with women about its own experience trying to conceive and medical investigates in the field. It’s hard not to get excited by the various growth vectors that can expand kegg’s market in the future — from being used as a tool for natural family planning to helping monitor postpartum/ perimenopausal health.”

” We pride ourselves in having almost half of our investors women ,” notes Cahojova — whose muse for house kegg was personal; having suffered from irregular menstrual cycles herself.

” I didn’t want to be treated with hormones. When I talked to fertility teachers or a specialized fertility doctor, all they wanted to know about was my structures of cervical fluid. Why? Because the fertile window is defined only by the presence of fertile cervical fluid, having a positive LH[ luteinizing hormone] evaluation is nice but it won’t help you get information to fix your hertzs. That’s why so many fertility physicians are interested in cervical flowing and that is why so many girls are told to track it with their thumbs ,” she explains.

” How on earth are you supposed to be able to track objectively something so very important, more, private without the help of technology? I was annoyed and incensed that every company that I talked to didn’t have a solution and didn’t want to make this so needed concoction because it’ would have to go into the vagina ‘. So I set out to make a product that would help me and women like me .”

Thus far kegg has been hitting a chord with U.S. women of reproduction senility who are trying for a newborn, according to Cahojova — who says her startup have already established a 2,000 -strong community of fertility-tracking wives over kegg’s beta period.

” Our normal consumer is a woman in her reproduction senility ,” she says.” Our users are in long-term relations or married and they likely have been actively trying to conceive for more than three months. Fifty percent are trying to conceive their first child, while the remains of are already mothers.

” Our purchasers have knowledge with BBT( person basal temperature plotting) or LH exams( ovulation research) and they are overall interested in holistic fertility and wellness , not in remedy. They also elevate the appliance of kegg over other methods that either need to be worn throughout the night or use more often .”

Image credit: Lady Technologies

” Each girl is unique and so are her rounds ,” she contributes.” Unlike ovulation trackers, kegg cures women understand their fertile window and cyclical birthrate and follow their own blueprints. Frequently wives take up to six months to learn how to read cervical liquid motifs. Our customers report that kegg presents them trust and they feel entitled. Countless keggsters envisioned with kegg after years of trying because kegg handed them trends beyond ovulation. Nothing draws me more joyous than an email from a purchaser whose life altered thanks to my work and kegg .”( On that it says “several” dames have reported successful pregnancies using kegg since the beta opening in 2018.)

The startup also has its gaze on international expansion, including to Asia( with the backing of its Japanese-market focused investor Fermata) — with a plan to launch kegg in Singapore in late October, and in Japan and Canada next year.

While the kegg has a core focus on fertility tracking( and a secondary feature as a connected pelvic flooring instructor ), Cahojova is elicited about wider possibilities for women’s health that she hopes will be opened up as they’re able to take in and crunch more data.

Kegg useds’ impedance speaks are uploaded to the startup’s massed for analysis, so its algorithms can make a personalized birthrate projection. But its website also notes it works’ anonymized/ pseudonymized’ data for research into women’s health.( Cahojova specifies customers’ personal data is never shared outside the company.” Any data we be provided to researchers we work with is completed anonymized ,” is her privacy predict .)

Asked what areas of research she’s hoping kegg will help advance, she tells us:” Researchers have indicated that state publications can affect usual electrolyte repetitions. In many of our internal studies we’ve seen instances where speaks were’ out of norm’ for the subscribers. In case after speciman we found evidence of underlying state publications( for example infections) were the induce. In the future our goal is to understand how kegg can help monitor overall cervical health .”

Cahojova also says the device is being used by fertility teaches and doctors to help with monitoring their patients.” The grace of kegg is that by having a user friendly and modern machine that dames like to use we can get data on modifies of vaginal flowings on a large scale. With kegg data we likewise hope to help doctors finally answer their billion dollar question — how can they help improve the quality of cervical fluid .”

” We be supporting scientific and are open for study collaborations ,” she supplements.” We afforded kegg for independent peer-reviewed clinical study under Dr.Gabriela Lopez Armas, MD, PhD, for her study on kegg and other birthrate trackers. All project participants finished the protocols in summer of 2020 and studies and research is to be published independently in the near future .”

While the business model for kegg is currently specified toll hardware sales, Cahojova says the startup is looking at offering subscription packs in future.” In the future, we want to offer more to our useds, e.g .: connecting them to professionals to review their cycles or goal of additional coatings of information. Once we have enhanced services ready, we’ll look at switching to a due model ,” she adds.

It’s a new era for birthrate tech

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