It turns out purposely messing with your targeted ads isn’t a good idea


Facebook is convinced that I am a young mother with a enjoy of kraken-themed decoration.

Unless you weigh my cat, who is 11 -years-old and the animal equivalent of the fretful old boy from Up, I perfectly do not have a child. But for the last six months, my feed has been inundated with ads for newborn products, from nasal suction inventions to teething dolls that looks a lot like opulent versions of a bad battery-acid outing.

Over the summer, my cat underwent a veterinary procedure that, to spare the horrible detailed information about the swooning of centre, asked me to touch antibiotic liniment on his butt twice a daylight. Because he had a knack for getting out of his cone of reproach and getting liniment everywhere, I placed him in diapers for the day after the surgery. But nappies represented solely for pets are absurdly expensive, so I bought a multitude of( human) baby nappies online and went on my “cat-o-nine-tail” owned channel. I started reading ads for child products that night. Read more …

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