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iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz display limits some third-party app animations to 60Hz

With this year’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Apple eventually drew its ProMotion display technology from the iPad Pro over to some of its phones. The aspect allows the brand-new high-end iPhones to refresh screen material up to 120 days per second, thereby creating a much smoother boundary know. The accomplish is most palpable when scrolling, but almost every aspect of a UI can benefit from a higher refresh rate.

Am I compensate in help to ensure that UIView.animateWithDuration APIs aren’t clocked at 120 Hz on iPhone 13? On UIScrollView, structure ones, and Metal by the seems of it, rest is still 60 Hz? pic.twitter.com/ t3MeM9cj0E

— Christian Selig (@ ChristianSelig) September 24, 2021

Unfortunately, it looks like the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max limit their ProMotion displays in one striking context. According to reports spotted by 9to5Mac, the phones cap some livings in third-party apps to 60 Hz. Scrolling and full-screen changes render as expected but other animations do not. The consequence is apparently jarring. What originates it worse is that it’s not something you’ll see when using any software from Apple; the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max do not enforce that same limited on the company’s apps.

What builds developments in the situation peculiarly baffling is that the iPad Pro does not have a same restraint. It has considered first- and third-party apps equally since it was released in 2017. A beginning told 9to5Mac the iPhone’s implementation may have something to do with battery life considerations. At the very least, code in iOS 15 hints the limitation isn’t a glitch. Either way, we’ve contacted out to Apple for more information, and we’ll update this article when we hear back from the company.

Read more: engadget.com

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