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IoT solutions are enabling physical distancing

Tyler Cracraft


Tyler Cracraft is an electronic technologist turned answer designer at Advantech who has more than a decade of know-how operating in the electronics engineering industry.

If you’re a business owner or investor and are wondering about the long-term impacts of the COVID-1 9 pandemic on the business world, you’re not alone.

Today’s business leaders have been plunged into the deep end of telecommuting with little notice, and the highway we do business has been impacted at almost every level. Travel is restricted, satisfies are virtual and give of goods and even raw materials is being delayed. While some industries that depends on large assembles are hearing extremely difficult challenges due to the pandemic, others such as the tech industry, construe the possibilities of and responsibility for innovation and growth.

As many positions begin phased reopening, companies are trying to determine what the workplace and business environment will look like in a post-quarantine world. The first self-evident gradation is the integration of personal protective equipment( PPE ). Sanitization and face disguises will become required and nonessential face-to-face confronts will be a thing of the past, along with shaking hands.

Additionally, relationship-driven vocations such as marketings and banking will have to find new ways to connect to be successful. Physical distancing rules will have to be established, which may include hires coming in alternate days while telecommuting the other days of the week to keep offices at increased capability. Large roles of 10 or more may implement thermographic camera technology for fever screening or other real-time technology-based state screenings.

One thing is for sure: IoT manoeuvres that enable physical distancing will become an integral part of reopening customs, promoting marketings ties-in and cuddling a different way of living.

Solution for physical distancing

There are a variety of IoT designs available that can help business leaders successfully implement physical distancing in their departments. Thermographic camera technology coupled with facial acceptance can create a baseline for each employee and then assist in determining if an employee has a temperature outside of their criterion. Other remote health monitoring may also take place with healthcare providers, helping works resolve on a daily basis if they are well enough to go into work.

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