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iOS 14 Could Finally Allow Developers To Code On Their iPhones Or iPads

The iPad has been sentiment as a productivity invention where users can create on them. However, these creations are normally things like creating art like pull, editing photos, videos, and writing papers, but it seems that developers could soon have a reason to pick up the iPad for themselves in the future.

This is because according to a tweet by FrontpageTech’s Jon Prosser, it seems that one of the new aspects that Apple could pioneer in iOS/ iPadOS 14 is the ability to code instantly on the tablet itself. In case you’re unfamiliar, coding on the iPhone or iPad isn’t accurately probable. There are some workarounds, but there are limitations on that and needless to say that it’s not exactly the most ideal experience.

However, if Prosser’s claims are true, it seems that iOS/ iPadOS 14 will have the Xcode environment integrated into it. For those who don’t know, Xcode is the development environment for macOS that allows makes to create apps for macOS and iOS-based machines, like the iPad, Apple TV, and the Apple Watch.

I’m not gonna say that Final Cut is coming to iPad …

But XCode is present on iOS/ iPad OS 14.

The ramifications there are HUGE.

Opens the door for “Pro” employments to come to iPad.

I mentioned this last week on a live stream, but figured it was worth the tweet [?]

— Jon Prosser (@ jon_prosser) April 20, 2020

By bringing Xcode to the iPad, it meaning that makes can easily making their work with them on the go without having to buy or generating a MacBook with them. It too cures that Apple’s latest iPad Pro is being sold with an optional keyboard accessory that comes with a trackpad, accompanying it one step closer to being a bonafide laptop replacement.

iOS 14 Could Finally Allow Developers To Code On Their iPhones Or iPads

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