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ICYMI: We spend some time with Apple’s iOS 15 beta

Apple’s iOS 15 is slated for release this fall, and this week we’ve got a hands-on with its public beta. Harmonizing to Cherlynn Low, iPhone users have a lot to look forward to later this year. Meanwhile, Nicole Lee set up both the 8- and 5-inch Echo Shows in her house to check out Amazon’s informs, and she says the Echo Show 8 is now much improved for video labels. Likewise, Daniel Cooper observed a good deal to been fucking loving the Lenovo Legion 5, but he acknowledges the laptop comes with some compromises.

There’s a lot to explore in the public beta of iOS 15iOS 15 betaApple

After spending a few weeks testing the latest iOS 15 aspects, including SharePlay and Focus modes, Cherlynn Low concluded that Apple fans will have a bunch of new things to try out this drop-off. As most of the changes are already available, it’s perhaps not surprising that the beta is fairly complete. While testing SharePlay, Cherlynn encountered a few minor hitches. It was difficult to figure out how to access the feature initially because the options simply is an indication when a compatible media app is open during a conversation. And both parties will need a subscription to stream together on Apple TV+ or Apple Music.

Cherlynn especially liked the Focus modes, which cause users appoint customized charts that exclusively allow notifications from adopted apps or parties to come through. You can also pick a Home screen that will only evidence the apps you want. In this state, you won’t witness any other sheets — merely the apps drawer and the Today screen — keeping distractions to a minimum.

Other refurbishes include Live Text, which scans photos for usable textbook like foreign terms on a menu to convert; richer and more detailed Maps; better Spotlight search and Share With You, which consolidates media your best friend send you. Cherlynn said there’s much more to explore in the Weather, Safari and Wallet apps that should render fans a penchant of the full exhaust. She likewise depleted time with the brand-new watchOS 8 beta, which brings more state and fitness implements, improved communication and better integration with connected contraptions to the Apple Watch.

Amazon’s recent Echo Shows are pretty familiar, and that’s ok Amazon Echo Show 8 and Show 5Nicole Lee/ Engadget

Amazon didn’t change much on the new $129 Echo Show 8 and $85 Show 5, and Nicole Lee says that’s just fine. The two manoeuvres renounce the swiveling screen is located within the Echo Show 10 and preserve much of what worked in previous representations: the minimalist layout, an ambient illuminate sensor to adjust brightness and color temperature and a camera shutter for privacy. The Echo Show 8 has a 1,280 x 800 resolution display while the Show 5 aspects a 960 x 480 screen, and the latter is clearly intended as more of a nightstand design. Nicole was particularly pleased by the seemed tone on the Echo Show 8, which delivered powerful bass and superb volume.

And because it now aspects an octa-core processor and a 13 -megapixel wide-angle camera, the Echo Show 8 is now more useful for video labels. The camera also has digital panning and zooming technology so it can follow you during video bellows, although in Nicole’s experience, this took a few seconds to kick in. But the Show 8 won’t be best for all your video needs as it shortcoming native YouTube as well as streaming support for Disney +, Paramount+ and HBO Max. If you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem, she says the Echo Show 8 delivers the highest value for the money — but if you’re looking for something akin to an alarm clock, the Show 5 is a better choice.

Lenovo’s Legion 5 Pro is an affordable gaming laptop with great graphicsReview image of the new Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (2021)Daniel Cooper

Though Lenovo isn’t best known for its gaming laptops, Daniel Cooper points out that the new Legion 5 Pro laptop is clearly trying to captivate more of that courtesy. With AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800 H and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3070 graphics, the machine is strong — and at $1,530, it’s relatively inexpensive as well. Daniel points out that the 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD are underwhelming, but they can be upgraded, and the 16 -inch, 165 Hz QHD IPS display helps its own in light light-colored and reduces glare.

When it comes to design, useds get a solid aluminum framework with health professionals seeming matte gray-haired coat responsibility, plus a plethora of ports including four USB-A, two USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Daniel said that typing on Lenovo’s TrueStrike keyboard is a unique experience: the “soft landing” switches originates each actuation feel a bit deeper than the keys 1.5 mm magnitude. He was less fond of the 720 p webcam, which produces fuzzy idols with light blushes, and the heat produced by the fan system was noticeable. However, the big compromise on the Legion 5 is the battery life — the machine lasted simply 4 hours and 43 minutes during testing, which originates it most helpful when near an outlet.

The Fitbit Luxe is an impressively small-scale fitness trackerFitbit LuxeCherlynn Low/ Engadget

Cherlynn Low acknowledges that tailor a stylish fitness tracker is difficult. Fitbit has tried it a few epoch before but their most recent attempt, the Luxe, is indeed chic — but Cherlynn says its immensity is actually the most impressive thing about it. Setting 0.4 x 1.43 inches, the Luxe manages to include a heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation monitoring, sleep tracking, sea fight and basic telephone syncing all in its insignificant frame.

However, the downside is that tiny footprint solutions in a minuscule screen as well. The 0.76 -inch AMOLED panel, which fees at a 124 x 206 resolution, is hard to read. Cherlynn said that the verse demo workout stats, cardio zone information materials and notifications are likely to be frustratingly small-minded for some. That aside, she had no problem using the Luxe to move workouts and sleep data; it makes as predicted and the UI is similar to other Fitbit machines without physical buttons. The touchscreen was responsive and she was able to get seven days of battery life — and that was even with connected GPS turned on for a bit. Overall, Cherlynn calls the Luxe well-made and ability, but best for those looking for a petite tracker.

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