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Huawei’s answer to life after Google Maps? TomTom

Losing access to Google software and assistances understandably threw Huawei for a curve. The Chinese hardware giant has clearly been working on a contingency plan to deal with the loss of access to things like Android and the Play Store, but Google’s offering constituted so much better of the devices’ software core — as they do so many of its challengers.

Huawei just lined up a pretty big name in its attempts to rebuild a competitive application suite. Dutch mapping whale TomTom has agreed to provide access to its sailing, mapping and traffic information. The two companies finalized a treat the coming week, per Reuters, giving Huawei use that information to build its own proprietary apps.

TomTom strengthened the bargain, but declined to offer additional information. The move comes as the mapping corporation has taken a step back from hardware offerings, in favor of monetizing its application business. Given Huawei’s quite massive footprint in the world-wide smartphone busines, this presents a pretty big deal for TomTom, which had previously provided info for AppleMaps.

Huawei was left reeling from U.S. sanctions that cut off access to U.S.-produced software and components. The corporation has been working to build its own Android competitor behind the scenes, though what we’ve seen of HarmonyOS has thus far been reasonably softened. Rumors have been previously twirled around Huawei developing its own Maps competitor, so it’s hard to say how much it views this new deal as a stopgap.

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