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Huawei Says More Than 4 Million Developers Have Signed On For HarmonyOS

The key to any smartphone platform is its ecosystem of apps. This is because without these apps, what good is your hardware if there is no software that can take advantage of it, right? This is the problem with BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Phones back in the day, where “theres nothing” wrong with the hardware, it’s time that there was a lack of developer endorsement compared to iOS and Android.

However, Huawei doesn’t seem to have that problem with its HarmonyOS. The busines has recently revealed that to date, the report contains 134,000 apps available for purposes of its brand-new programme and that over 4 million developers already signed on for it. This is impressive because if we’re looking at really one app per developer, that’s at least 4 million apps that could be created already.

For those unfamiliar, HarmonyOS is Huawei’s answer to Google’s Android system. Given the current trade war between the US and China, Huawei has been caught in the middle and is unable to use Google’s services for its smartphones. This forced Huawei to start developing alternatives including an alternative mobile platform.

However, HarmonyOS is expected to be more than merely a smartphone programme. Huawei has envisioned that it could be used for all manner of smart devices like smart TVs, smart-alecky home appliances, and more.

Huawei Says More Than 4 Million Makes Have Indicated On For HarmonyOS

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