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Howard Speaks: Same Day Dentistry

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April 29, 2021

Howard Speaks: Same Day Dentistry

When you increase your therapy plan acceptance rate you impede a small problem cavity today, from turning into a bigger problem root canal or distillation in the future. When you render same day dentistry patients are very motivated to do it today so they don’t have to come back. If the patient fails to schedule and is coming your therapy plan acceptance rate goes down and the disease continues on which is not optimum for oral health. The only secret to lower expenditures is lower cost so to maximize profit offset every operatory the same so you can do any procedure, in any chamber, anytime. When 35% of cost is the dentist, 25% organization, 7-10% laboratory, 4-6% equips, you can’t afford for your business to slow down or stop because of a restriction from the lower cost rent and facilities of 5-8 %. When you have to move a patient from a cleanlines area to a treatment room it expenditure age and fund often seasons generating you to reschedule. Not to mention the front table can’t schedule emergency patients or walk-ins. Extra operatories are not overhead, they are your means of production. When your over president is$ 1 and you raise and collect$ 1 then your overhead is 100 %. Raise your production to$ 2 and now it’s down to 50%. Increase the number of your dental operatories until you never find yourself just wait a room. In fact the biggest ground ending technology in dentistry was the shovel when used to build a new, bigger and better serval office.

Read the Howard Speaks column on Dentaltown: https :// messageboard/ thread.aspx? s= 2& f= 3510& t= 354716& pg= 1& r= 6044334& v= 0

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