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How to Use Amazon Posts to Promote Your Products

How to Use Amazon Posts to Promote Your Products

If you’re serious about digital marketing, you’ve likely squander tens of thousands of dollars on testing, experimenting, and workshopping only to find that you simply aren’t reaching your target audience.

That’s where Amazon Posts comes in.

Amazon is doing more than really integrating social with online retail. Their Posts initiative reimagines what social media marketing could be, and it has the potential to be the answer to some e-commerce vendors’ questions.

What Are Amazon Posts?

amazon posts home page

Amazon Posts is Amazon’s social media initiative to help buyers find brand-new concoctions and be participating in their favorite labels.

Essentially, this is Amazon’s version of Instagram. Berths earmark firebrands to create and promote product-related content, directly relation to specific produce inventories. All your posts will be issued on your brand’s feed.

Your content is visible to shoppers on product detail pages, referred make feeds, and category-based feeds. Amazon is presenting firebrands and ventures with an opportunity to market immediately to their audience, within Amazon itself.

As a business owner or purveyor looking to expand their social media marketing( SMM) approach, Amazon Posts present a unique approach to content. Instead of creating content on the latest social media site and attaching to an Amazon account, labels can engage with useds already on the Amazon platform, driving sales and commitment.

Access to shoppers either already locking with Amazon is part of what acquires Amazon Posts such an interesting marketing tool. That access can reduce friction, one of the most frustrating obstacles for marketers to overcome.

Why You Should Use Amazon Posts to Promote Your Products

Platforms like Amazon and social media release brand-new aspects invariably. So, what are the benefits of investing in this new feature? Let’s look at why Amazon Posts affairs for e-commerce firebrands.

Reach a Wider Audience

Amazon is the most popular buying app in the United State, reaching more than 150 million purchasers every month. Amazon Posts helps your firebrand connect( and proselytize !) those buyers. Plus, unlike ads on pulpits like Facebook and Instagram, Posts let you reach more buyers for free.

A wider reach for free? It’s hard to argue with that.

Reduce Buyer Friction

When we discuss friction in market and sales, we’re frequently referencing potential sticking points and dissents customers encounter in their journeying from a potential marketing to changeover.

That friction can become a tricky issue because just about every decision a customer fixes can lead them to friction.

From a marketing standpoint, your work has two coatings. The first mantle involves removing as much friction from the customer journeyas humanly possible. Nonetheless, your business can’t remove every single friction point. Eventually, the customer is going to encounter a “yes/ no” place.

That’s why the second layer of sell involves causing commerce knowledge and material forcing enough to keep customers moving past the friction items you can’t eliminate.

Every form of market has its friction sites, but Amazon Posts aims to address two of the biggest issues in marketing.

When your symbol promotes its content on Amazon, you don’t have to ask shoppers to follow you to another locate. They’re previously where they need to be! Plus, with Amazon’s modernized, high-level approach to the shopper experience, your label can leverage its expertise and develop forcing customer journeys.

Competitive Produce Visibility

The term’ competitor analysis’ is referenced often in digital marketing, and with good reason.

Your brand is probably not the only option for commodity X or services Y. Whether your brand has 10 entrants or 50, your brand’s priority is standing out and connecting with possible customers.

Savvy firebrands and business owners analyze the advertising channels their adversaries use. How are they writing their reproduce? How often are they producing content? Where are their ads emerging? What keywords are on their landing page? These are the questions that drive critical analysis.

Brands ask themselves these questions for one simple reason. When you understand how your competitors remember, operate, and promote themselves, hijacking their public becomes much easier.

amazon posts - related posts feature

Promoting your material through Amazon Posts means your products can land on’ related product’ feeds so you are eligible to immediately advertise to your competitor’s audience when the buyer is primed to make a purchase!

With access to over 150 M monthly useds, your firebrand can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and let your competitors predominate the Amazon Posts space.

Who Should Use Amazon Posts to Promote Their Products?

Clearly, there are quite a few perks to using Amazon Posts, but that still leaves us with a few questions. How can you know if Amazon Posts is a good is suitable for your label?

You wouldn’t promote exercise equipment on LinkedIn or professional SaaS business answers on Snapchat. Every audience has a unique social media event, and understanding how your customers investigate the world is part of building an effective marketing strategy.

Fashion firebrands are in a stupendous predicament with this platform. Promoting high-quality images of your products right next to your entrants? It’s a dream come true for most fashion brands.

Still, there are a number of other symbols that can leverage the Amazon Posts opening. If your label has tons of related social media material, you’ll be able to repurpose that and promote it immediately to Amazon shoppers.

However, there are a few things that your label should keep in mind before diving into the Amazon Posts ecosystem.

Your brand must actively sell concoctions on Amazon to qualify for this initiative. Fortunately, Amazon Posts is a free programme, which means you can legitimately compete with bigger brands.

If your symbol has taken the time to create high-quality epitomes, this is a perfect way to not only maximize their cost but explore a unique chassis of consumer marketing.

How to Create Amazon Posts

Now that you’ve decided to get started, it’s time to start creating announces. This process is relatively straightforward. Start by call government officials Amazon Posts website and signing in the utilization of your marketing console or Seller Central credentials.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll create a profile by verifying your brand name, uploading an image of your brand’s logo, and just like that, you can start creating posts on Amazon.

Each Post has five key elements: a brand name and logo, the promoted idol, a’ display product’ button, a caption, and tags. Most of those factors will reverberate familiar if you’ve spent time promoting on Instagram, but the implementation of calls is a bit different on Amazon.

Instead of hashtags on Instagram, which let you verify where your post seems and what it’s related to, Amazon auto-tags your positions and automatically influences which feeds it will display on.

Tips to Create Amazon Posts That Successfully Promote Your Products

Now that you know what Amazon Posts are, let’s talk about how to build them work for your label. Now are three tips-off to make the most of this new feature.

Post Often

This is where SMM glows. Creating a pole on Amazon is entirely free! Instead of having to manage an ad budget, your firebrand can focus on creating and sharing as much relevant content as possible.

Developing a relationship with buyers takes time, so the sooner you get started, the very best. To ensure regular material modernizes, schedule your poles through the scaffold. With planned announces, you can simplify your marketing efforts and consistently engage with your gathering.

Daily posting is a good target to start, but if you have an lengthy backlog of content, feel free to schedule more. Remember to experiment now, to make sure you aren’t overwhelming your public!

Content Is Still King

We’ve attacked the “quantity” component, but it’s important we address the “quality” component as well.

No one, and I do aim no one, enjoys spam. Instead of overloading your audience with every single possible epitome, foresee like an artistry curator. Your brand is made up of dozens, maybe even hundreds of unique content sections. Which articles are exceptional? What kind of customer will want to engage with a particular piece of content?

Crafting remarkable parts of content is great, but crafting memorable commerce experiences is what drives conversions. Use this stage as an opportunity to explore exactly what your brand and your material is capable of.

Monitor Campaigns and Metrics

Some labels deem selling campaigns as a mad flair for awareness. Don’t get me wrong, traffic is definitely important, but truly effective marketing is about more than exactly visibility.

As a marketer, I don’t simply want to be seen. I demand to be heard, and when my material doesn’t drive transitions, something needs to change.

This is what builds checking your expeditions and metrics crucial. If you’re new to Amazon Posts, it’s not enough to simply start post. You need to determine clear marketing objectives, safarus programmes, and material initiatives.

Social media stages change constantly and understanding how those alters affect your expeditions does it much simpler to adapt and evolve.

Illustrations of Successful Promotional Amazon Posts

If you’re worried about what kind of content to create, or how to define your visual branding, take a page from an e-commerce store and is letting the product speak for itself.

VIKICON offers a relatively small caption, a decent concoction offering, and some saturated calls. The portrait itself involves attention.

amazon posts - vikicon example

Bold, eye-catching visuals are a powerful route to tell your entire brand story without saying anything at all. Sometimes, less rightfully is more.

amazon posts - kiwi design example

Likewise, KIWI Design understands the appeal of its produce. Getting lost in a virtual reality world is about more than just computational capacity and frame frequencies. It’s about the scandalize and awe of diving into an immersive digital experience.

My favorite division about this image? It too sells you on the value of the ceiling pulley system! If you want to get lost in a digital event, the last thing you want to deal with is tripping over cables.


Social media marketing is crucial to building a relationship between consumers and dealers. Our capabilities to connect in honest, meaningful methods immediately affects how well our business does. Amazon Posts serves as a connection between social media marketing and a straight e-commerce knowledge.

Amazon Posts is interesting largely because it shortens resistance and integrates so well with the Amazon platform. That said today, there are labels with dynamic visual content that are perfectly suited for this environment.

If your label falls into that category, don’t waste any more time. Get to strategizing and see how well you can connect with buyers on Amazon Posts.

If you want to learn about other innovative ways to promote your e-commerce company, let our enterprise know . We can retain you in the loop and partner with you to integrate custom digital marketing strategies.

Are you planning to leverage Amazon Posts? What results are you hoping to see?

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