How to set up an Apple TV

November 18, 2021

How to set up an Apple TV

For numerous Apple users, Apple TV is worth the price. That’s because what you’re genuinely paying for is full integration with your other Apple devices. Plus, buying Apple TV gets you 3 month of free Apple TV +.

If you’ve decided to make the change and buy an Apple TV, here’s how to is starting so you can install your favorite apps and get to watching. Apple currently offers two versions of its streaming maneuver: Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. Setup is the same for both models.

Note: Depending on the options you have selected during setup, some of these steps might be omitted or come in a different order.

Getting started

Included in the box is the actual Apple TV invention, a Siri remote, a dominance cord that connects your Apple TV to an channel, and a lightning to USB cable for bill the remote. It does not include an HDMI cable which you also need, so make sure you have one before you get started.

Image of the contents of the Apple TV box

You’ll too need an HDMI cable, which isn’t included.

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Step 1

Plug in your Apple TV to an outlet working the dominance cord, and connect the Apple TV to your TV squandering the HDMI cable.

Image of using cables to connect Apple TV to TV

Follow the diagram to plug everything in.

Credit: Apple

Step 2

Turn on your Tv and adopt the HDMI input that your Apple TV was related to. Depending on the prototype, sound or clink your remote to activate the setup. Then, choice your speech and part. Continue through the data and privacy disclosure.

Image of the Apple TV language setup screen

Credit: Apple

Image of Apple TV's data and privacy screen

Credit: Apple

Step 3

The next step in the setup is connecting to your WiFi network and recruiting your Apple ID. You’ll be asked to choose between “Set Up with Device” or “Set Up Manually.”

Image of Apple TV setup

Credit: Apple

Set Up with Device

If you choose to set up with your iPhone or another iOS device, make sure it is connected to WiFi and that Bluetooth is turned on. Hold the design near the Apple TV, which will trigger a inspire on your invention. Tap “Set Up” to continue. Then, you will be asked to enter an authentication system that appears on your TV. Once you’ve entered the code, the authentication process should take about 30 seconds to go through.

Image of directions for automatic setup of Apple TV

Using your iPhone, follow the directions on the Tv.

Ascribe: Apple

Screenshot of the Apple TV setup button on an iPhone

Credit: Apple

Screenshot of entering verification on iPhone

Credit: Apple

Set Up Manually

If you choose to do this manually, you’ll be asked to choose your WiFi network and enter the password. Then you’ll need to enter your Apple ID, which you can choose to hop-skip, but it’s recommended, because it allows you to do things like induce acquisitions through iTunes and sync to your other Apple devices.

Step 4


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Now that you are connected to WiFi, the setup is almost complete. The next screens are a series of sets you’ll be asked to choose. Here’s an explanation of what they mean 😛 TAGEND

Siri and Dictation: Choose whether or not to use Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.

Have a TV Provider? If you have a cable subscription, you can sign in and watch cable TV through the invention.

One Home Screen on Every Apple TV: If you have more than one Apple TV, turning on One Home Screen syncs them all( through iCloud) so that all of your apps and wishes are similar on every dwelling screen.

Where is this Apple TV? Choosing your Apple TV’s room automatically lends it as an supplementary to Apple’s Home app. In addition to providing Apple TV, the Home app allows you to manage compatible smart-alecky devices like speakers, igniting, thermostats. There’s a lot you can do with it and here’s a good explainer.

Location Services: Enable or disable Apple to gather data from your Apple TV based on your location.

See the World: Allow or hop-skip new screensaver personas to automatically download.

Analytics: Choose to send or not send analytics data to Apple.

Terms and Status: Nice self-explanatory. You must agree to be able to use Apple TV.

Now your Apple TV must be drawn up! Enjoy all that the seamless compatibility of your smart inventions has to offer.

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