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How to get the most from your corporate VC after you get the check

Scott Orn


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Scott leads procedures at Kruze Consulting, a fast-growing startup CFO consulting firm. Kruze is based in San Francisco with patrons in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.

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15 things founders should know before accepting fund from a corporate VC

What should startup benefactors know before negotiating with corporate VCs ?

Bill Growney


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Bill Growney, business partners in Goodwin’s Technology& Life Sciences group, center his pattern on advising technology and other startup business through their full corporate life-cycle.

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15 things benefactors should know before accepting funding from a corporate VC

What should startup founders know before negotiating with corporate VCs ?

Raising capital from a corporate VC can bring many benefits beyond time money. Strategic CVCs, who bar ROI based on the strength of the strategic partnership with their portfolio firms as well as the financial return, will typically seek to maximize their relationships with startups for a very long time after the speculation is made.

Specifically, a CVC investor can offer the following to an inventor 😛 TAGEND

Resources and concoction feedback. CVC parent firms often have deep institutional their skills and units of subject-matter experts who can advise startups on commodity proliferation and guidebook them through matters.

Partnerships. CVCs can leverage their equip bond and operations to build new partnerships that otherwise may have taken months or years for startups to create.

Distribution. Strategic CVCs can become a distribution channel for a startup, connect that startup with their suppliers, or even use the startup to become a channel for the parent company.

Branding halo. If a large company is willing to invest in your startup, it’s a strong signal that your commodity is right and that your business has a bright future.

Acquisition. Many CVCs invest in startups that they may want to acquire down the line. A CVC may also endorse an exit-seeking portfolio fellowship to their partner corporations or suppliers.

Granted, looking results from these benefits takes time, and even the best of intentions during a uppercase create process were not able to always furnish an optimal strategic relationship.

Here’s a directory of factors to keep in mind for founders who want the best chances of a productive and successful affinity with their CVC.

Know which type of CVC you’re dealing with from the outset. In our previous announces, we summarized the three types of CVCs — experienced institutional investors, industry-specific strategics, and novice or “tourist” CVCs. As we’ve discussed, be sure to spend time interviewing and build relationships with CVCs to determine which character they are, what kinds of benefits and resources they can offer and what their history looks like in terms of successfully cooperation with startups over experience. When in doubt, expect other founders who have done deals with them!

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