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How To Fix The Health Care Crisis Without Raising Taxes

How do we solve the U.S. Health Care crisis? In this video I hope to line that out for you. Our legislators are often too busy playing politics and forming adversaries out of the other side of the alley to ever provide solutions to the huge problems we are confronted with as national societies. My solution is this – a government-wide 10% trimmed on all spending to go towards health care. This will free up something around $400 Billion for states to use to help those in need. We will keep the free market and incentivize invention for private companionships while providing citizens with a 2-1 tax break on donations made to their state grant fund.

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00:00 – Let’s provide solutions.
02:00 – The 3 Step Plan
04:00 – A 10% Government-Wide Haircut
06:19 – What does this new system look like?
07:15 – Block concedes to states
09:15 – Tax strokes for donors.
11:00 – The Summary –

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