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How 180 Performance Center Uses Technology To Fast Track Their Athletes! [Leander TX Baseball Tour]

Dustin Geiger of Nuclear Baseball, Pro Ball Player and Instructor at 180 Performance Center returns us a safarus of the baseball equipment in Leander TX and shares how they use Technology to improve their musicians quickly!

If you’re in the Austin TX area I definitely recommend manager up to Leander to get some training at the 180 Performance Center.
Here is their website – https :// 180
Here is where their facility is located – https :// planneds/ hPBfeLhvgHcpena8 6

SUBSCRIBE TO 180 Sports PERFORMANCE YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: https :// direct/ UC3iLriy3tccj9eRmvus3wxQ

SUBSCRIBE TO YOUGOPROBASEBALL YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: https :// yougopro? sub_confirmation= 1

The Best Baseball Training Tools that I recommend – https ://

My Baseball Training Programs – https ://

My Baseball Blog – https ://

Video Production& Post Production: Kevin Chan @Chanterprise

#180performancecenter #baseballfacility #battingcages

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Thanks so much for watching! If you’ve got any questions or observations, move down below and let’s chat there!

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