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Holoride deploys Elrond blockchain and NFTs in prep for 2022 market launch

Holoride, the Audi spinoff that’s creating an in-vehicle XR passenger entertainment experience, is deploying blockchain technology and NFTs as the next phase in its preparation for a 2022 busines open.

The company, which closed a $12 million Line A in April, announced it would be integrating Elrond blockchain into its tech stack to wreak opennes to its ecosystem of car manufacturers and content builders. Holoride hopes to use NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, to incentivize developers into creating more content on holoride’s platform for the promise of more fund payed off token acquisitions, and to allure fares who want to personalize their in-car experience.

Blockchain … NFTs … is holoride just trying to be internet swank? Maybe, but the blockchain consolidation at least has been in the works for the past year, says holoride CEO and founder Nils Wollny.

Holoride’s immersive in-vehicle media programme doesn’t need blockchain to purpose. Its passenger experiences sync to the real-time motion and location-based data of the vehicle, so content adjusts to vehicle motion( meaning no action sickness ! ). Where blockchain plays a role to contribute to holoride somewhat and transparently distribute content and overcompensate makes based on user engagement time and importance rationing.

“We said we want to connect all our ecosystem marriages in a very fair and transparent way from the beginning, and blockchain technology delivers precisely on that, ” Wollny told TechCrunch. “Every transaction and date can be stored in the blockchain. For car manufacturers, they can see how much time was spent with holoride events in their autoes, and for content authors it’s transparent on how much time was spent with their deed they have created for our platform.”

NFTs are unique digital clues that have a marked place on the blockchain and cannot be replaced with anything else. Most NFTs are part of Ethereum’s blockchain, but holoride’s will be supported by Elrond’s blockchain.

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Wollny hopes the enticement of buying or accumulating NFTs while immersed in holoride’s ordeals will be translated into more engagement. He too predicts the speeding up of what futurists and other tech morons are calling the’ metaverse’ or the concept of the digital and virtual nature increasingly intertwining with physical and augmented reality.

Need help visualizing how this works while you’re strapped into a headset being driven to your next end? For holoride, an NFT might start by connecting factors in the virtual world-wide to points or happenings in the real world.

“Imagine parties are traveling in their virtual vehicle, maybe it’s a spaceship or a submarine, as their physical body is in a gondola driving through the real world, ” said Wollny. “They might pass by a certain location where a content author made the decision to positioned something fares can obtain on their way.”

So it’s kind of like Pokemon GO, but you’re sitting in a vehicle with a VR headset on rather than walking around outside remain your phone in front of you and following augmented reality anime domesticateds like a lunatic. And when you catch the Pokemon, it’s unique and yours and no one else can have it unless you decide to trade it.

“Or perhaps the user is really good at a game they’re playing and they deserve wages while frisking, ” Wollny continued. “You can maybe parade them to other customers or market them in the future, generating the real world and the virtual life closer together.”

The future of holoride’s NFTs actually depends upon the extent to which fares find themselves so immersed in their in-car experiences that they seek feeling and personalization in the form of digital tokens. Maybe Wollny has been expending too much time in virtual reality, or maybe he knows something we don’t about our inevitable trust on extended world. But as he told TechCrunch, this is only the genesis of the startup’s ecosystem, a step towards uttering holoride the “transportation company for the metaverse.”

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