Covert Commissions Make Money and Social Media Bundles

Covert Commissions Make Money and Social Media Bundles

Hey Gen Z, this is a pager, and in the ’90s they were everywhere


Welcome to Dial Up, Mashable’s most excellent look at technology in the ‘9 0s, from the early days of the World Wide Web to the clunky gadgets that won our hearts.

In 2019, if you want to meet with someone, you hit them a verse. Easy. That wasn’t the lawsuit in the 1990 s.

Back then, the situation gazed a little more like this: You carried around a little device called a pager in your pocket. It went off, depicting little more than a phone number on the diminutive screen. If you were in public, you learnt a pay phone to call that number and arrange a meetup. At that pitch, you just had to hope everything went right, or go through that process all over again. Read more …

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