Here’s how Silicon Valley can avoid Detroit’s fate

America’s carmakers seemed to be an unstoppable pressure until innovation proceeded world. There’s still experience for the U.S. tech industry to adjust for these times.

In the 1950 s, the cutting-edge technology of the day was automobiles , not computers. At the time, Detroit was on top of the world. The top three world automobile companies were headquartered there. The world’s leading industrialists flocked there for access to talent, fund, and cultural activities. Detroit was resulting the way in automotive engineering, which have committed themselves to reinvent the ways we built our cities, unionized national societies, and lived our lives. Then innovation started to take root all over the world. Car corporations emerged in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Japan. Over time, certain regions specialized, and in time outdid Detroit. Italy became the home of the best and fastest sports cars, and Germany to raw engineering. Silicon Valley and Shenzhen are the leaders in electric cars. The playbook on vehicle meeting was also rewritten abroad. Toyota, for example, pioneered the transformative coming of “just in time” manufacturing. Detroit was left behind.

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