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Here are the five Startup Battlefield finalists at Disrupt Berlin

Fourteen startups presented onstage today at Disrupt Berlin, yielding live demos and rapid-fire presents on their cause narrations and business modelings, then answering questions from our expert judges.

Now, with the help of those guess, we’ve restricted the group down to five startups working on everything from productivity to air pollution.

These finalists will be presenting again tomorrow( at 2pm Berlin time, viewable on the TechCrunch website or in-person at Disrupt) in front of a brand-new provide of judges. The winner are able to obtain $ 50,000 and incarceration of the storied Disrupt Cup.

Here are the finalists 😛 TAGEND Gmelius

Gmelius is building a workspace platform that lives inside Gmail, earmarking units to get more bespoke tools without lending yet another piece of software to their repertoire. It slots into the Gmail workspace, computing a legion of aspects like shared inboxes, a assistance desk, an account-management solution and automation tools.

Read more about Gmelius now.

Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa mixes data sources like planets and dedicated air monitoring stations to build a granular heat map of air pollutants, selling this delineate to cities and companies as a due API. While the company memoes it’s hardware-agnostic, it does improve its own IoT sensors for companies and municipalities that is likely to not have existing breeze aspect sensors in place.

Read more about Hawa Dawa now.


Inovat shapes it much easier for travelers to get refunded for the value-added tax, through an app that implements visual person approval and machine learning to construe receipts, determine how much VAT you should be owed for your acquire and prepare the requisite assembles for submission online or to a custom-builts officer.

Read more about Inovat now.

Scaled Robotics

Scaled Robotics has designed a robot that can produce 3D progress maps of construction sites in minutes, precise enough to detect that a light is just a centimeter or two off. Boss can then use the software to check things like which cases are in place on which flooring, whether they have been placed within the required tolerances or if there are safety issues like too much detritus on the anchor in job areas.

Read more about Scaled Robotics now.


Stable offers a mixture as simple as car insurance, designed to protect farmers around the world from pricing volatility. Through the startup, meat buyers ranging from owneds of a small smoothie shop to Coca-Cola hires can ascertain millions of agricultural stocks, as well as packaging and vigour products.

Read more about Stable now.

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