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Here are all 21 companies from Alchemist Accelerator’s latest batch

We’re down in Sunnyvale, CA today, where Alchemist Accelerator is hosting a demo date for its most recent batch of corporations. This is the 23 rd class to graduate from Alchemist, with striking alums including LaunchDarkly, MightyHive, Matternet, and Rigetti Computing. As an enterprise accelerator, Alchemist focuses on companionships that make their money from other customs, rather than consumers.

21 companionships presented in all, each getting five minutes to explain their mission to a room full of investors, media, and other founders.

Here are our records on all 21 firms, in the order in which they presented 😛 TAGEND

i-5 0 : Uses AI to monitor human actions on production line, abusing computer vision to look for corrects or irregularities along the way. Founder Albert Kao says that 68% of the manufacturing sector questions are caused by human error. The corporation currently has 3 paid aviators, totalling $190 k in contracts.

Perimeter : A data visualization platform for firefighters and other first responders, allowing them to more quickly input and share information( such as how a volley is spreading) with each other and the public. Projecting $ 1.7 M in receipt within 18 months.

Einsite: Computer vision-based analytics for quarrying and structure. Sensors and cameras are attached on ponderous machines( like dump trucks and excavators ). Footage is analyzed in the gloom, with the data eventually presented to activity site managers to help monitor progress and mark controversies. Founder Anirudh Reddy says the company will have $ 1.2 M in reserves and be up and running on 2100 machines this year.

Mall IQ : A location-based sell/ analytics SDK for retail stores and plazas to tie into their apps. Co-founder Batu Sat says they’ve improved an” accurate and scalable” technique of the determination of a customer’s indoor position without GPS or added hardware like Bluetooth beacons.

Ipsum Analytics : Machine hear organisation meant to predict the outcome of a company’s ongoing legal occurrences by analyzing the related historic cases of a committed jurisdiction, referee, etc. First target customer is hedge fund, helping them project how legal sequels will impact the market.

Vincere Health : Works with insurance companies to pay parties to stop smoking. They’ve built an app with friend breathalyzer equipment; each time a consumer checks in with the breathalyzer to prove they’re smoking little, the user get paid. They’ve elevated $400 k so far.

Harmonize: A conversation bot plan for automating HR assignment, built to work with existing programmes like Slack and Microsoft Teams. An hire could, for example, letter the bot to request time off — the request is automatically forwarded to their manager, submitting their reports with one-click approve/ reject buttons which handle everything behind the scenes. The firm says it currently has 400 paying customers and is meeting $500 k in ARR, projecting$ 2M ARR in 2020.

Coreshell Technologies: Working on a varnish for lithium-Ion batteries which the company says prepares them 25% cheaper and 50% faster to produce. The company’s co-founder says they have 11 patents entered, with 2 paid agreements indicated and 12 more in the pipeline.

in3D: An SDK for 3D body scanning via smartphone, meant to help apps do things like gather body assessments for custom-built robing, allow for virtual apparel try-ons, or create accurate digital avatars for games.

Domatic : “Intelligent power” for new building construction. Pushings both data and low-voltage power over a single “Class 2” wire, determining it easier/ cheaper for developers to make a building “smart”. Co-founder Jim Baldwin cured build Firewire at Apple, and co-founder Gladys Wong was previously a hardware operator at Cisco.

MeToo Kit: a pack meant to allow victims of sexual assault or crime to gather evidence through an at-home, self-administered process. Co-founder Madison Campbell says that they’ve seen 100 k kits ordered by universities, organizations , non-profits, and armed organisations. The busines garnered significant controversy in September of 2019 after multiple moods issued cease-and-desist characters, with Michigan’s Attorney General arguing that such a pack would not be admissible in law. Campbell told Buzzfeed last year that she would” never stop this thing “ for the concept.

AiChemist Metal: Building a thin, lightweight battery made of copper and cellulose “nanofibers”. Co-founder Sergey Lopatin says the company’s solution is 2-3x lighter, stronger, and cheaper than alternatives, and that the company is projecting profitability in 2021. Focusing first on artilleries for robotics, flexible presentations, and electrical vehicles.

Delightree: A exercise management organisation for rights, meant to help owneds create and audit to-dos across locations. Monitors online customer re-examines, automatically rendering possible undertakings accordingly. In aviator exams with 3 firebrands with 16 firebrands on a waitlist, which the company says is in accordance with about $400 k in potential ARR.

DigiFabster: A ML-powered” smart mentioning” tool for manufacturing patronizes doing things like CNC machining to attain custom parts and components. Currently working with 125 patrons, they’re visualize $500 k in ARR.

NachoNacho: Helps big/ medium ventures monitor and succeed application subscriptions their employees sign on for. Issue virtual credit cards which small businesses use to sign up for services; you can place plans on each poster, nullify cards, and quickly determine where your money is going. Launched 9 months back, NachoNacho says it’s currently working with over 1600 businesses.

Zapiens:a virtual assistant-style tool for sharing knowledge within a company, tied into tools like Slack/ Salesforce/ Microsoft 365. Answers employee questions, or calls its understanding of each employee’s knowledge to find person within the company who can answer the question.

Onebrief:A tool aiming to procreate military planning more effective. Co-founder/ Army man Grant Demaree says that much of the military’s planning is buried in Word/ Powerpoint papers, with incompetences to move to ballooning team sizings. By modernizing the planning approach with a focus on visualization, automation and data re-usability, he says planning units could be smaller yet more agile.

Perceive : Spatial analytics for retail stores. Body-builds a sensor that hooks into existing in-store lighting cable to create a 3D planned of places, analyzing patron action/ action( without face acknowledgment or WiFi/ beacon tracking) to identify weak spots in store layout or staffing.

Acoustic Wells:IoT devices for monitoring and controlling production from oil fields. Analyzes sound from tubes “ten thousand feet underground” to regulate how a machine is race, optimizing production while minimizing waste. Bills monthly reward per oil well. Currently has letters of intent to roll out their solution in over 1,000 wells.

SocialGlass : A marketplace for public procurement. Let governments buy goods/ works appreciated under $10,000 without going through a bidding process, with SocialGlass guaranteeing they’ve found the cheapest price. Currently working with 50+ suppliers offering 10,000 SKUs.

Applied Particle Technology:Continuous, realtime laborer health/ safe tracking for industrial contexts. Acting on wireless, wearable monitors that torrent environmental data to identify potential exposure hazards. Focusing firstly on mining and metals industries, last-minute moving into construction, firefighting, and utilities environments.

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