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harbor, an emergency preparedness platform, picks up $5 million in seed funding

Billion dollar natural disasters are on the rise in the United Commonwealth, according to CNBC. Even as I write, a typhoon is moving landfall in Louisiana while wild fervors rage in northern California. And those are just the big disasters.

There were more than 1.3 million fires in the United Mood in 2018, and nearly three out of every five fatalities related to a home flaming happened in a house where there was no smoke alarm or it didn’t function properly.

Harbor, a company that merely closed on a$ 5 million seed round, wants to make users more prepared.

The product, which will launch in October, aims to gamify the process of doing everyday preparation for disasters. Using publicly available data from agencies like NOAA, FEMA, and USGS, as well as land maps and build systems to pinpoint individual household peril, Harbor takes a look at the user’s site and the general state of their dwelling to determine types of perils to that individual customer and their property.

From there, the pulpit curates a weekly checklist for the user to stay planned, whether it’s be tracked of the amount of water on hand( for those in the path of hurricane season) or checking the battery stages and functionality of a smoke alarm.

” For us, it’s not about buying a go bag ,” said CEO Dan Kessler.” It’s about doing the things you need to be to be prepared. Your proposal is a heck of a lot more important than your bag. Your bag is also important, but without the planning it’s completely pointless. The problem is a lot of people, extremely right now with the wildfires happening are saying’ I don’t have a go bag ,’ and they buy one for $50 on Amazon. But they are not any more prepared at that moment as they were before they bought the pocket .”

Not only does refuge want to help users prepare for disasters, including curated product recommendations around preparedness equipment, but too facilitates navigate them through the catastrophe itself and the aftermath, present step by step instructions based on the specific situation.

Though harbor hasn’t propelled the produce publicly, the company is prepared with a two-fold business model which includes ecommerce and a freemium subscription plan for the app itself.

The sole investor in the$ 5 million round was 25madison, a NY-based venture studio that incubates and stores fellowships from inception. 25 madison brought on Dan Kessler, a former Headspace executive, as CEO in January. Kessler brought on Eduardo Fonseca as Chief Technology Officer, who has ever helped as CTO of GoodRx.

In total, harbour is made up of a squad of ten hires, and the company declined to share any commonwealths around diversification and inclusion on the team, saying ” Dan and the team are very proud that the makeup of women and underrepresented groups is above tech industry medians, including the advisory board .”

The advisory board includes a number of striking professionals in the disaster space, including former administrator of FEMA Brock Long, current senior fellow for climate change policy at the Council on Foreign connects Alice Hill, and professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and CNN national insurance commentator( who performed as Assistant Secretary at the DHS) Juliette Kayyem, among others.

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