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HappyFunCorp’s Ben Schippers and Jon Evans will talk tech stacks at TC Early Stage

How do you decide what tools and communications to use to build your concept into a company? How can the tech stack decisions you acquire in the early days affect you down the road — and how might your needs evolve over time?

Find out at TC Early Stage, where HappyFunCorp CEO Ben Schippers and CTO Jon Evans will separate it all down in a breakout period on construct” a tech load that can go the distance .”

HappyFunCorp is a Brooklyn-based product engineering house. Founded in 2009, they’ve helped corporations like Twitter, Audible, Gatorade, Disney, AMC and many more bring their app ideas into reality.

Schippers is a worshipped product inventor with a focus on” helping companies and labels construct more mindful and intelligent makes for the next-generation consumer ,” and was formerly written for TechCrunch about the process of motif and the different things apps do to keep us addicted. Jon Evans is a journalist and award-winning novelist — and, as it happens, a long-time columnist here at TechCrunch.

TC Early Stage is our brand-new virtual contest successions that focuses on get new benefactors the information, insight and suggestion directly from the experts — the founders, investors and lawyers who’ve been down these superhighways many times before. Schippers and Evans are joining an already incredible list of speakers, with conferences and talks from folks like Reid Hoffman, Brooke Hammerling, Dalton Caldwell, Garry Tan, Charles Hudson and Cyan Banister.

One catch: Each of the 50+ breakout periods at TC Early Stage will be capped at time 100 parties and is likely to be crowded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Buy your ticket today( starting at $199) and you’ll be able to sign up for any breakout seminars we announce, plus any we’ve already announced that still have room. Expenditures increase in a few short dates so secure your seat today.

It all goes down on July 21 -2 2. The best bulletin? This two-day event is all virtual, so you can tune in from the solaces of your couch. Want to know more? Find all the details you could ever want right here .

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