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The Korea Fair Trade Commission has imposed a $ 177 million fine on Google, alleging the tech being of the utilization of its dominant orientation in the market to hamper the development of Android rivals. According to Yonhap News, Korea’s antitrust regulator has determined that the anti-fragmentation agreement( AFA) Google obligates makes sign in exchange for using its Android operating system hobbles competitor.

The agreement frustrates phone makes, including Korean fellowships Samsung and LG, from creating and installing their own versions of the Android OS( or Android crotches) on their designs. Yonhap News says human rights committee has been looking into whether the agreement checks tournament since 2016. In addition to slapping Google with a penalize, the commission has also boycotted the company from forcing manufacturers to sign AFAs going forward and to modify existing ones.

In a statement sent to Bloomberg and CNBC, the tech giant argued that Android and its harmony planned sped up invention and improved user suffer, benefiting companies that include Korean producers. “The KFTC’s decision released today ignores these benefits, and will undercut certain advantages enjoyed by shoppers. Google intends to appeal the KFTC’s decision, ” the spokesperson said.

The KFTC has revealed its decision on the same day Korea’s amendment to the country’s Telecommunications Business Act ran live. That improvement adds a ordinance that will require Google and Apple to allow third-party fees for the employments on their App Stores.

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