Google said to be preparing its own chips for use in Pixel phones and Chromebooks

Google is reportedly on the brink of stepping up their equipment game in a way that follows the illustration set by Apple, with custom-designed silicon powering future smartphones. Axios reports that Google is readying its own in-house processors for use in future Pixel inventions, including both phones and eventually Chromebooks, too.

Google’s acts around its own first-party hardware have been somewhat of a mixed success, with some generations of Pixel smartphone earning high praise, including for its act around camera software and photo processing. But it has squandered standard Qualcomm processors to date, whereas Apple has long designed its own custom processor( the -Aseries) for its iPhone, providing the Mac-maker an line when it comes to performance tailor-made for its OS and applications.

The Axios report was of the view that Google’s in-house chip is code-named “Whitechapel,” and that it was reached in collaboration with Samsung and uses that company’s 5-nanometer process. It includes an 8-core ARM-based processor, as well as dedicated on-chip the necessary resources for machine learning and Google Assistant.

Google has already taken delivery of the first working prototypes of this processor, but it’s said to be at least a year before they’ll be used in actual ship Pixel telephones, which mean we likely have at least one more generation of Pixel that will include a third-party processor. The report says that this will eventually make its way to Chromebooks, more, if all goes to plan, but that that will take longer.

Rumors have circulated for years now that Apple would eventually move its own Mac line to in-house, ARM-based processors, especially as the strength and rendition the capacities of its -Aseries chips has scaled and outdone those of its Intel equivalents. ARM-based Chromebooks already exist, so that could make for an easier change on the Google side- provided the Google chips can live up to expectations.

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