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Google reportedly cancelled a cloud project meant for countries including China

Updated with Google’s full statement

After supposedly spending a year and a half working on a cloud busines intended for China and non-eu countries, Google cancelled development projects, announced “Isolated Region, ” in May due partly to geopolitical and pandemic-related concerns. Bloomberg reportsthat Isolated Region, closed down in May, would have enabled it to offer cloud works in countries that want to keep and control data within their borders.

According to two Google employees who spoke to Bloomberg, the project was part of a larger initiative called ” Sharded Google” to create data and managing infrastructure that is completely separate from the rest of the company’s network. Isolated Region began in early 2018 in response to Chinese regulations that mean foreign tech fellowships that want to enter the country need to form a seam enterprise with a regional company that they are able to harbour regulate over customer data. Isolated Region was meant to help meet requirements like this in China and other countries, while also addressing U.S. national security concerns.

Bloomberg’s sources said the project was paused in China in January 2019, and focus was redirected to Europe, the Countries of the middle east and Africa instead, before Isolated Region was ultimately offset in May, though Google has since considered offering a smaller version of Google Cloud Platform in China.

After the narration was first published, a Google representative told Bloomberg that Isolated Region wasn’t shut down because of geopolitical issues or the pandemic, and that the company” does not present and has not offered massed platform works inside China .”

Instead, she said Isolated Region was cancelled because” other approaches we were actively pursuing offered better upshots. We have a comprehensive approach to addressing these requirements that plasters the governance of data, operational practices and survivability of software. Isolated Region was just one of the roads we explored to address these requirements .”

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, broke out Google Cloud as its own line item for the first time in its fourth-quarter and full-year earnings report, released in February. It revealed that its run rate changed 53.6% during the last year to simply over $10 billion in 2019, preparing it a more daunting competitor to competitors Amazon and Microsoft.

Alphabet earnings picture Google Cloud on $10 B run rate

Update: In a media statement, Google said 😛 TAGEND

” We’ve seen developing requirements around adoption of cloud technology from customers and regulatory bodies in many different parts of the world. We have a comprehensive coming to addressing these requirements that envelops the governance of data, operational traditions, and survivability of software. Isolated Region was just one of the courses we explored to address these requirements. What we learned from customer conferences and input on the part of governments stakeholders in Europe and elsewhere is that other approaches we were also actively following offered better outcomes. Isolated Region was not shut down over geopolitical concerns or the pandemic. Google does not offer and has not offered cloud programme services inside China, and Google Cloud is not weighing alternatives to offer the Google Cloud Platform in China .”

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