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Google Photos’ Locked Folder Won’t Sync Across Devices

Recently, Google divulged an upcoming piece for Google Photos in the form of a Locked Folder. This basically establishes a folder on Google Photos that is password protected and photos stored in there won’t be visible while scrolling through your camera rolling, thus saving you from possible embarrassment or tricky times when passing someone your phone.

However, it appears that there is a catch. It seems that Locked Folders will not be synced across your Google accountings and manoeuvres. Instead, it will be limited to simply the design you’re employing it with. This means that if you happen to own numerou machines that share the same Google account, those machines won’t have the Locked Folder you previously setup on your primary device.

So does this mean that people can see your private photos on another device, like your computer or tablet? Harmonizing to Google, photos added to the Locked Folder will be removed from things like Recollection or photo engrave dictates. They will likewise not appear on smart spectacles or Chromecast as a screensaver, so you can rest assured on that front. However, the company does caution that it could take up to 30 instants for photos to be removed, so don’t is expecting the changes right away.

Google Photos’ Locked Folder Won’t Sync Across Maneuver

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