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Google Has Discontinued Its Nest Secure Device

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October 21, 2020

Google Has Discontinued Its Nest Secure Device

Several years ago, Google introduces the Nest Secure. For those unfamiliar, the Nest Secure is an alarm system that actually fits in rather nicely with the company’s Nest series of smart residence inventions. It was likewise Google’s simply Nest alarm system that still have not bothered to update for the past few years.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to see a new mannequin, you will be disappointed to learn that will not be happening. In fact, Google seems to have discontinued the prototype outright. The Nest Secure is now rostered as being “No Longer Available”, although if you still want to get your hands on it, it appears to still be available through third-party retailers, but we imagine that whatever’s remaining is the last of the stock and that they will not be restocked once they’re sold out.

It is unclear why Google has decided to discontinue the Nest Secure without interposing a replacement. Perhaps there could be replacement but it will come under a different identify, but that’s simply hypothesi on our culminate. Google reassures useds that the Nest Secure’s system will continue to work for current owneds, but given the discontinuation, you should probably not is expecting revises to the device in the future.

Google Has Discontinued Its Nest Secure Device

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