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Goodyear Spherical Tires for Citroën Skate prototype

Goodyear procreated spherical tires for Citroen’s Urban Collectif Concept, the Citroen Skate.

The Urban Collectif has launched an innovative concept and shared vision to transform the future of urban mobility.

The target is to optimise mobility for city-dwellers various regions of the world and help reduce congestion in municipals for everyone to reclaim urban infinites and kept the entertaining back into city traveling. As population in cities increases, pas necessities is essential to revamped and as the COVID-1 9 crisis has increased, city-dwellers have higher hopes for clean, safer, more flexible modes of travel that also comply with social distancing governs. In turn, this is now influencing the development of urban landscape and smart-alecky mobility answers for the future.

The Urban Collectif, sucking on its 200 years of compounded event in innovation, is a new partnership between three French fellowships, Citroen, Accor and JCDecaux. It relies on an innovative abstraction dubbed Citroen Autonomous Mobility Vision which blends a high-tech and universal mobility pulpit, The Citroen Skate, with three new assistance Pods – Sofitel En Voyage, Pullman Power Fitness and JCDecaux City Provider – each offering a unique know-how to explore metropolis in a new way.

Using autonomous, electric, and agile Citroen technology, this intrusive, open-source urban mobility abstraction aims to decongest metropolitans while also assemble citizens growing needs in terms of mobility, assistances, safety and well-being, especially in cities.

This new concept of their duties and tailor-made urban mobility relies on an open-source approach: The Citroen Skate scaffold is prepared to accept all compatible Husks developed by a partner, thereby expanding mobility and service offerings. The Citroen Skate can move all Pods on demand using a dedicated trail, while provide unrivalled ease. The simulate relies on a sail of The Citroen Skate vehicle robots which move around cities non-stop and are paired with Pods that hope unique knowledge. The Citroen Skate is the medium and the conveyor of mobility.

The Pod, is connected to The Citroen Skate, allows its useds to enjoy their opted busines, whenever they wish. It is fitted with all the technology needed to move transport and logistics units, allowing them to dispense with redundant and expensive equipment and making autonomous driving technology profitable.

A kind of ultra-tech skateboard, The Citroen Skate incorporates all of the intelligence and technology required for autonomous and electric excursion, batteries, an electric engine, radars, lidars etc. Its top speed is limited to 25 km/ h or 5 km/ h to ensure the safety of all users depending on the neighbourhood. The quicken can be configured according to how the Pods are used.

The Citroen Skate pieces negligible footprint with limited facets of 2.60 m long, 1.60 m wide and 51 cm high-pitched, signify it doesn’t encroach on public cavity. Its compact aspects and design, stripped of the automotive bed, make it a canny and universal mobility solution.

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Source: Citroen/ Sassy

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