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Gillmor Gang: Electrical Banana

Thanks I’m afford for the start of the first big online season. Yes, the pandemic has put a prodigious move to the digital for our immediate and intensified future. We all are well aware this plays out in the required state of things pre-vaccine. But there’s an overtone not so hidden there of a dynamic answer to my wife’s stubborn question: Where’s my Jetpack?

She’s a child of the 60 s, a post-Beatles time of imploding dreams and smashed expectations. James Bond got to fly a Jetpack, but the telltale burned gasoline weary met the effect an artifact of what wasn’t going to happen. In an electric decade and noise-canceling AirPods, perhaps it’s more likely to surface than not, but if so, what’s the next Jetpack?

My vote is for the electrical newsletter, a notification machine that knows what I’m tracking, projects the trends moving my core peers, and invests proactively in the products we want to accelerate. It’s a soul healing economy, a research coordinator, a humor and media rewarder. On the Gang, we use a coalesce of live streaming, backchannel notifications, and everything up to but not including a newsletter.

From its earliest days, Twitter predicted a future where RSS authority would be quarried in a social context. What I symbolize by that is RSS gave the ability, the chair in the sky opportunity Louis C.K. described, the chance to explore the world alongside the artists formerly known as accredited writers. It was always a tough sell for the displaced gatekeepers, but twinkle forward to today and you can see they’re all bloggers and podcasters now.

The moment the meritocracy window opened, the definition of success moved to the readers, the viewers, the social endeavour as Marc Benioff held. Software as a service mined those social signals as ga for what the iPhone delivered in the mobile gesticulate. Now the mobile economy is expanding to the silicon on the desktop. M1 seems like an evolution, but its entry point on shopper laptops is designed to produce network gists in the same way Office 97 boosted Windows 95 into orbit.

So where is this electric newsletter if it’s so important? As a vehicle for meet stuff I didn’t know I attended about, newsletters suffer from too many of them with too few business mannequins driving them. Subscriptions derive income but shorten the network effects of advertising patronized subsidy of firewalls. You get reach but length explodes. Context glut is not a pretty thing, either.

Our early strives at erecting a Gang newsletter spawned the realtimeTelegram feed; its group-shared notification stream valuable as much for what we hop-skip as where reference is dipped in to it. As a framing design for the Gillmor Gang recording periods, we could anticipate both what we wanted to talk about and what we wanted to avoid. Trump fatigue comes burned off in Telegram, while science and innovation get instructed down on and fleshed out in advance.

Adding a Twitter feed( follow @gillmorgang) propagandizes Likes and retweets into the mix. The live preserve river makes Facebook Watch Parties and additional comments. An edited copy now on TechCrunch computes this related commentary. But where’s the newsletter for all these live sections?

Perhaps the answer goes back to the Jetpack? It are no longer able be the Jetpack we are looking for, but instead the components that even off this river as a service. A Jetpack offers the dream of instant teleportation without the traffic jams or being polite about your Uber driver’s melodic appreciation. Zoom already offers some of that promise, where saving the travel opens up hours in your epoch. Zoom-enabled shopping and bringing control will go a long way.

As Donovan presciently proclaimed, Electrical Banana gonna to be the very next phase. My electric newsletter is the perfect definition of a pipe dream. It’s not so much as when it’s going to get now as what.


The Gillmor Gang — Frank Radice, Michael Markman, Keith Teare, Denis Pombriant, Brent Leary, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, November 20, 2020.

Produced and be determined by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor

@fradice, @mickeleh, @denispombriant, @kteare, @brentleary, @stevegillmor, @gillmorgang

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