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Gift Guide: Gifts for the commuters in your life

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We’re now to help! We’ll be rolling out talent guides from now through the end of December. You can find our other navigates right here .

Remote working has become a new ordinary in the life of an employee. Spurred by ubiquitous broadband and portable connectivity, lighter and smaller computers, and everything you need in the vapour, a lot of people have felt a lot less of a need to be in the same physical gap as everybody else, day in day out, to get things done.

And more, there remains a critical mass of parties in and near big-hearted towns and cities who continue to commute.

For this guide, we’re are concentrated on commuters who eschew cars for all the self-evident rationalizations — traffic, parking, gas rates, and more traffic — and instead opt for buses, trains, metroes and bikes to travel to their ” departments” — be they actual bureaux, or cafes or other workspaces — on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Daily commutes around most of the world’s metro areas can stretch into more than an hour a day on average, according to a study from Moovit. In other paroles, these are presents that go to the heart of how your special parties devote significant dollops of their days, weeks, months and years.

This gift guide is to help determine that time more well waste.

These concoctions are the epitome of the genre-crossing, “prosumer” lives many of us seem to live today: they cross the worlds of feasibility and of enjoyable, presents that might help them wreak during their commute, or get their imaginations off effort, or to make their work trip a little safer or easier. Happy shopping( and hopefully, happier commute ).

This article contains links to affiliate spouses where available. When you buy through these relations, TechCrunch may pay an affiliate commission.

Smart motorcycle flames

There’s been a big displacement in these over the last decade or so. The bike light-headeds of yesterday were barely-visible front and rear glowings, semi-permanently attached to your handlebars and backseat, powered by batteries that always seemed to run out. Today, you can buy much brighter LED-based sunrises, which work on USB chargers to keep doing their profession and readily attach and separate wherever you choose to buckle them.

Smart suns are the next gear up on that trajectory, with app-based masteries and so.much.more. UK company See.Sense’s edition packs a strong punch: on top of the being brighter, easier to remove and recharge, the light-coloreds link up with an app to alert you when someone appears to be stealing your motorcycle, and they feel when you are cycling faster and slower and blink more quickly when there’s more traffic to make sure the cyclist is better seen. The downside is that slopes won’t be the only steep thing on your horizon.

Price: $120 on Amazon for a Front/ Rear set

Bike-mounted orator

A worrying number of cyclists get around the streets with headphones in their ears to pick up navigation teaches, listen to music or podcasts, or talk on the phone. This is not ideal, though, as it means they cannot fully hear the noise of traffic in their middle. A bike-mounted speaker is a way to let the equestrian continue to listen to their audio, but not at the disservice of hearing other important traffic noises.

This Celtic Blu speaker is one of the more reverie of the dozens of bike speakers that are on the market today. Alongside the basics of provide a Bluetooth connection to play music or other media from your telephone and being waterproof, it double-faced as a bill bank for other machines, can work as a microphone to take entitles, and has an additional gave of ascendancies that you access from the handlebars to adjust sound, rebut calls and other acts more safely. The downside is that it’s one of the bigger of the speakers, potentially taking up space you migh have prepared a water bottle.

Price: $80 on Amazon

Streaming, podcast or audiobook gift placards

Streaming works from Spotify, Apple, Amazon and others have been growing in ubiquity by leaps and bounds, but if your commuter isn’t already subscribing to one of these, or if they’re only use the free rank, passing them a chance to test out the premium service with a giftcard could be a welcome present. It can also be one to personalise: find a mixture of podcast planneds you think your commuter might like to hear, or pick out a selection of books for the listening, to give alongside the card.( See some work recommendations here and here .)

Price: Audible starts at $15/ month; Spotify Gift Cards are widely available from retailers including Amazon.

Wireless hearing twigs and headphones

Airpods Pro

I personally worry about how safe these are for cycling, so I won’t endorse them for motorcycle usage. But the government has quickly become one of the must-haves for commuters on other transportation states who are mad as hell about entangled lines and not going to take it anymore. Apple’s Air Pods Pro, at $249, are a noticeable improvement on the previous generation of their wireless twigs, and the world has noticed: they have been a huge sell-out success, with tells now merely shipping in January. The authorities have dozens of others now on the market if you don’t want to wait, or pay the premium to own an Apple product.

Price: Airpods Pro, $249 on Amazon | For a more classic( and cheaper) headphone vogue, try these from Sony.


No , not everyone has one of these. Yes, they are still a huge seller for Amazon, stressing their withstand esteem. We like the Kindle Paperwhite( pictured above) or the Kindle Oasis, the latter of which is around $ 145 more but generates in a bigger screen, an adjustable-warmth backlight, and physical page turning buttons.

Read some of our book recommendations here.

Price: Kindle Paperwhite, $105 on Amazon | Kindle Oasis, $250 on Amazon


I’m a bicycle commuter myself and have been toughing it out( literally and figuratively) with a pair of Ortlieb Back-Roller Classics for years. These villains are so sturdy that the pitch I have now are as old-time as my oldest offspring( 14) and they still look virtually new.

But I’m going to be honest. They’re not beautiful, and even with two inside pockets, they can be hard to peer inside when you’re looking for something smallish.( The blood has scurried out of my hands more than once thinking I’d somehow lost my wallet or telephone, simply to find them deep down inside the bag .)

The cool thing is that there is now a huge range of options on world markets for brand-new pouches, whether you miss them for leisurely use, for wield commuting, for a way account, to oblige them easier to carry when you’re off your bicycle, or all of the above.

Arkel’s bag is laptop-focused( but sells as a single ); Timbuk2( envisioned above) if you’re after a “tandem” mode; and if you are looking for a stylish pannier to supersede strictly functional ones used by your passenger, you can consider the Norfolk model from Brooks or the Sac from Linus.

Price: Arkel Commuter bag, $189 | Timbuk2 Tandem pouch, $129 on Amazon | Brooks Norfolk, $120 on Amazon | Linus Sac, $70

Activity tracker

These are not just for the people who cycle, moved or tread to work. While a lot of a commuter’s outing might take place baby-sit or standing on public transportation, there is actually quite a bit of marching that comes at the beginning and finish of the itinerary. A good undertaking tracker can help a person track how they rack up the miles and feel a little better about all the hours they subsequently devote setting at a desk.

You can go for a premium Apple Watch starting at around $400, or you can opt for a basic Fitbit at under $100.

Price: Apple Watch, from $ 384 on Amazon | Fitbit Inspire, $80 on Amazon

Privacy Screen

Borrowing one from Zack, who has a much more extensive list of privacy-related offerings, to draw one out for those who pull out their laptops during their morning commutes, whether it’s to work or do something else. Whatever it is: walking eyes convening nearby can see what you’re doing. A special screen that blocks all angular ends except straight on in front on the machine is a good way to keep the nosey parkers out of your business.

Price: Around $ 17 on Amazon.

Touchscreen gloves

Not rigorously( nor even loosely) a gizmo, but something that will help you keep using your screen-based attendants as the brave turns cooler. You can buy beautiful leather, cashmere-lined versions of these; or you can buy them in acrylic. You can go now colourful or bide basic in pitch-black. People lose or rip gauntlets all the time, so even having an extra pair is not a bad thing.

Price: Downholme Leather/ cashmere gloves, $60 on Amazon now | tie gauntlets( a bit more meagre but still perfectly good ), $ 8 on Amazon.

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