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German security firm Avira has been acquired by Investcorp at a $180M valuation

Mergers and possessions largely grinded to a halt at the end of March, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world, but today comes report of a deal out of Europe that stresses where pockets of task are still happening. Avira, a cybersecurity fellowship located out of Germany that specifies antivirus, identity the managers and other tools both to consumers and as a white-label offering from a number of big-hearted tech labels, has been snarled up by Investcorp Technology Partners, the PE division of Investcorp Bank. Investcorp’s proposal is to help Avira make acquisitions in a wider security consolidation play.

The financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed in the companies’ seam advertisement, but the CEO of Avira, Travis Witteveen, and ITP’s MD, Gilbert Kamieniecky, both said it returns Avira a total valuation of $ 180 million. The distribute will involve ITP taking a majority ownership in the company, with Avira founder Tjark Auerbach retaining a “significant” bet of the company in the treat, Kamieniecky added.

Avira is not a tech startup, or not in the typical ability. It was first established in 1986, and has been bootstrapped, in that it seems never to have made any outside investment as it has grown. Witteveen said that it has ” tens of millions” of users today of its own-branded commodities — its anti-virus software has been resold by the likes of Facebook( as part of its now-dormant antivirus marketplace) — and many more via the white-label distributes it originates with big names. Strategic partners today include NTT, Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Canonical, and more.

He said that the company has had countless strategic approaches for possession from the grades of tech corporations, and likewise from more typical investors, but these were not roadway that it has wanted to follow, since it wanted to grow as its own business, and needed more of a financial injection to do that than what it could get from more standard VC deals.

” We required a partnership where someone could step in and subscribe our organic raise, and the inorganic[ acquisition] opportunity ,” he said.

The plan will be to impel more buys to expand Avira’s footprint, both in terms of products and especially to grow its geographic footprint: today the company is active in Asia, Europe and to a lesser degree in the US, while Investcorp has a business that likewise spreads deep into the Middle East.

Cybersecurity, meanwhile, may never go out of style as major investments and swelling possibility in tech. Not simply have cyber menaces become more sophisticated and ubiquitous and targeted at individual consumers and ventures over the last several years, but our increasing trust on engineering and internet-connected structures will increase the demand and need to keep these safe from malicious attacks.

That has become no more apparent than in recent weeks, when much of the world’s population has been confined to shelter in place. People have in turn devoted unprecedented quantities of epoch online working their phones, computers and other maneuvers to read news, communicate with their families and friends, entertain themselves, and do critical employ that they may have in part had in the past offline.

” In the present grocery you can imagine a lot are concerned about the uncertainties of the technology landscape, but this is one that continues to thrive ,” said Kamieniecky.” In security we have seen companies develop quite rapidly and quickly, and now we have an opportunity to do that .”

Avira has been somewhat of a consolidator up to now, buying corporations like SocialShield( which provided online defence specifically for younger and social media useds ), while ITP, with Investcorp having some $34 billion under control, has met many acquisitions( and divestments) over the years, with some of the tech batches including Ubisense, Zeta Interactive and Dialogic.

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