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German football league Bundesliga teams with AWS to improve fan experience

Germany’s top football( football) conference, Bundesliga, announced today it is partnering with AWS to use neural networks to improve its fan experience during games.

Andreas Heyden, exec vice president for digital boasts at the Deutsche Fussball Liga, the entity that runs Bundesliga, says that this could make many forms, depending on whether the devotee is watching a broadcast of video games or interacting online.

” We try to use engineering in such a way to provoke a devotee more, to engage a love more, to really make the fan experience to the next position, to show relevant stats at the relevant time through broadcasting, in apps and on the web to personalize the customer experience ,” Heyden said.

This could involve delivering personalized material.” In ages like this when attention straddles are shrivelling, when a consumer opens up the app the first word should be the most relevant message in that context in that time for the specific user ,” he said.

It also can help provide boosted statistics to love in real term, even going so far as to predict the probability of a goal being scored at any particular moment in a game that would have an impact on your team. Heyden speculates of it as telling a fib with multitudes, rather than reporting what happened after the fact.

” We want to, with the help of technology, tell floors that could not have been told without the technology. There’s no chance that a reporter could come up with a number of what the probability of a shot[ scoring in a given moment ]. AWS can ,” he said.

Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, says this about applying machine learning and other engineerings on the AWS platform to add to the experience of watching the game, which should be allowed to allure younger followers, irrespective of the boast.” All of these kind of augmented client fan experiences is essential for locking a whole new generation of followers ,” Vogels told TechCrunch.

He adds that this kind of experience simply wasn’t possible until recently because the technology didn’t exist.” These things were impossible five or 10 years ago, predominantly because now with all the machine learning software, as well as how the[ tempo to new technologies] has accelerated at such a[ rate] at AWS, we’re now capable of doing these things in real time for sports fans .”

Bundesliga is not just any football tournament. It is another biggest in the world in terms of revenue, and boastings the highest stadium appearance of all football teams worldwide. Today’s announcement is an extension of an ongoing relationship between DFL and AWS, which started in 2015 when Heyden helped move the league’s operations to the cloud on AWS.

Heyden says that it’s not a coincidence he ended up employing AWS instead of another cloud company. He has known Vogels( who also happens to be a huge football follower) for many years, and has been using AWS for more than a decade, even long before he joined the DFL. Today’s announcement is a continuation of that long-term relationship.

AWS is sick of waiting for your company to move to the cloud

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