Garry Kasparov on AI: ‘People always called me an optimist’

Garry Kasparov is a political partisan who’s written books and articles on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and online privacy, but he’s best known for being the onetime World Chess Champion who made on the IBM computer known as Big Blue in the mid-1 990 s.

I spoke to Kasparov before a speaking date at the Collision Conference last month where he was participating in his role as Avast Security Ambassador. Its further consideration handled a great deal of dirt, from his character as security representative to the role of AI.( Transcribed questions and explanations were edited in the interests of clarity .)

TechCrunch: How did you become a security ambassador for Avast?

Garry Kasparov: It started almost by coincidence. I was invited by one of your best friend, who knew the previous Avast CEO( Vince Steckler) to be the guest orator at the opening of their new headquarters in Prague. I gratified the team and very quickly we recognized that we could work together very effectively since Avast required an ambassador.

I thought that it would be a great combination because it’s about cybersecurity, and it’s also about customers, about individual privileges, which is related to human rights, and it also had a little bit of a political element of course. But more importantly, it’s a combination of privacy and security and I felt that with my record of working for human rights, and too writing about individuals and privacy and likewise having some experience with computers, that it would be a good match.

Now it’s my fourth time and it seems that many of the things we have been discussing at gatherings when I have spoken about the role of AI in “peoples lives”, and many of the discussions that we thought were theoretical, have become more practical.

What were those discussions like?

One of the favorite topics that was always raised at these conferences is whether AI will be a helping hand or threat. And my view has been that it’s neither because I have always said that AI was neither a occult twig nor a Terminator. It’s a implement. And it’s up to us to find the best way of using it and addressing its enormous power to our good.

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