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Future MacBooks Could Sport Resizable Virtual Trackpads

Pretty much all laptops come with trackpads. After all, without trackpads, how are consumers expected to use the cursor on the screen unless they generating their own external mouse, which is not very convenient or practical for everyone. The trackpad conception has been around for decades, but it seems that Apple wants to shake things up.

According to a patent discovered by Apple World Today, it appears that Apple could be toying around with the idea that one day, a future MacBook laptop could come with a virtual trackpad that can be decorated and resized according to your needs or usage.

The patent’s description reads, “The electronic device may also include a group of light-emitting components slotted below the optical diffuser. One or more of the light-colored control seam or the group of light-emitting parts may be configured to crystallize the dynamic input region to display a evident borderline of an active input area. At least one of a sizing or a position of the visible bound is likely to be dynamically variable.”

It is an interesting idea, although we’re not sure how this is supposed to be “better” than the current setup. At most it feels more like an aesthetic option, where the lack of a observable trackpad might glance sleeker. In any case, it’s simply a patent so there’s no telling if Apple actually plans to make this a reality.

Future MacBooks Could Sport Resizable Virtual Trackpads

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