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Freshworks acquires IT orchestration service Flint

Customer engagement company Freshworks today announced that it has acquired Flint, an IT orchestration and gloom management programme based in India. The acquisition will help Freshworks strengthen its Freshservice IT support service by bringing a number of brand-new automation tools to it. Maybe just as importantly, though, it will too bolster Freshworks’ ambitions around gloom management.

Freshworks CPO Prakash Ramamurthy, who joined the company last-place October, told me that while the company was already looking at expanding its IT services( ITSM) and functionings handling( ITOM) capabilities before the COVID-1 9 pandemic thump, having those capabilities has now become even more important, given that a lot of these teams are now manipulating remotely.

” If you make ITSM, we allow for customers to create their own workflow for service catalog pieces and so on and so forth, but we found that there’s a lot of things which were repetitive undertakings ,” Ramamurthy said.” For pattern, I lost my password or new hire onboarding, where you need to auto-provision them in the same positioned of notes. Flint had integrated with Freshservice to help automate and orchestrate some of these routine assignments and a good deal of customers were exploiting it and there’s a lot of interest in it .”

He noted that while the company was already find increased demand for these tools earlier in its first year, the pandemic create that need even more obvious. And given that pressing need, Freshworks decided that it would be far easier to acquire an existing company than to build its own solution.

” Even in early January, we felt this was a space where we had to have a time-to-market advantage ,” he said.” So acquiring and aggressively integrating it into our product lines seemed to be the most optimal thing to do than take our time to build it — and we are super fortunate that we residence the liberty stake because of what has happened since then .”

The acquisition assists Freshworks build out some of its existing services, but Ramamurthy too stressed that it will really help the company build out its own operations control capabilities to go from notify management to likewise automatically solving common IT publishes.” We feel there’s natural synergy and[ Flint’s] orchestration solution and their connectors come in super handy because they have connectors to all the modern SaaS works and the top five vapour providers and so on .”

But Flint’s technology will also facilitate Freshworks build out its ability to help its consumers succeed workloads across variou mass, an area where it is going to compete with a number of startups and incumbents. Since the company decided that it wants to play in this field, an buy also made a lot of impression generated how long it would take to build out expertise in this area, too.

” Cloud administration is a natural progression for our product line ,” Ramamurthy mentioned.” As more and more patrons have a multi-cloud strategy, we want to give them a single pane of glass for all the work workloads they’re running. And if they wanted to do overhead optimization, if you want to build on top of that, we need the basic plumbing to be able to do discovery, which is kind of foundational for that .”

Freshworks incorporated into Flint’s tools into Freshservice and likely furnish it as part of its existing tiered pricing formation, with busines orchestration likely being the first new capability it will offer.

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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