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Frame AI raises $6.3M Series A to help understand customers across channels

Frame AI, a New York City startup that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help companies better understand their purchasers better across numerous channels, announced a $6.3 million Successions A financing today.

G2 0 Ventures and Greycroft led the round together. Bill Wiberg, co-founder and spouse at G20, will join Frame’s board under the terms of the deal. The total raised with an earlier seed round is over $10 million, according to the company.

” Frame is basically an early warning system and continuous monitoring tool for your customer tone ,” Frame CEO and co-founder George Davis told TechCrunch. What that conveys, in practice, is the tool pushes into help desk software, announcement center tooling, CRM systems and anywhere else in a company that communicates with a customer.

” We then use natural language understanding to pull out emerging themes and basically aggregate them to account and segment positions so that patron ordeal leaders can prioritize taking actions to improve their relationships ,” Davis explained.

He believes that customer experience commanders are was requested to do more and more in terms of talking to clients on ever more channels and accepting that into useful information for the rest of their fellowship to be responsive to customer needs, and he says that there isn’t a lot of implementing to help with this particular part of the customer knowledge problem.

” We don’t think they have the right tools to do either the listening in the first place or the analysis. We’re trying to make it possible for them to hear their patrons everywhere they’re already talking to them, and then act on that information ,” he said.

He says they work alongside customer data platforms( CDPs) like Segment, Salesforce Customer 360 and Adobe Real-time CDP.” We can take the customer voice information from all of these unstructured generators, all these natural language roots and turn it into minutes that can be contributed back to one of these organized data stages .”

Davis certainly recognizes that his company is getting this fund in the middle of a state and economic crisis, and he said he hopes that a implement like his that can help take the pulsing of the customer across multiple directs can help companies supplant at a time when a data-driven approach to customer ordeal is more important than ever.

He says that by continuing to hire through this and building his corporation, he can contribute to restarting the economic engine, even if in some small-scale way.

” It’s a somber go, but I have a lot of confidence in New York and in its own country, in the customer experience community and in the world’s ability to bounce back strong from this. I think it’s actually made a lot of solidarity that we’re all going to find a lot of new opportunities, and we’re going to just impede building Frame as fast as we can .”

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