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Former SpaceX workers say company has a culture of sexual harassment

Tesla isn’t the only fellowship in Elon Musk’s portfolio to have issues with sexual harassment. Women who previously laboured at SpaceX, including assignment technologist Ashley Kosak and four others speaking to The Verge, have accused the company of make little to stop sexual harassment. Male staff supposedly compiled countless unwanted betterments, lewd comments and physical contact. Kosak claimed one coworker went so far as to visit her house and insist on touching her, while former apprentice Julia CrowleyFarenga( who litigated SpaceX in 2020) said a male employee blocked her from going hired after she reported his control behavior.

SpaceX was allegedly reluctant to go significant war. While the women did report incidents to SpaceX’s human resources development, the company appeared to be more interested in keeping the company’s plans on track than on dealing with harassment. HR expected Kosak to propose solutions to sexual harassment, but there was no follow-up — and both HR lead Brian Bjelde as well as company president Gwynne Shotwell were apparently unaware of her charges when she met them.

We’ve asked SpaceX for explain. In an email The Verge procured, however, Shotwell gain a better understanding of Kosak’s entanglement essay on such matters and said HR would conduct both in-house and independent audits of common practice. She also reiterated SpaceX’s “no -Ahole” policy and that targets of harassment should still report incidents to HR or overseers. Shotwell didn’t touch on concerns of retaliation, though, and the information came just as six more Tesla workers sued over sexual harassment claims.

All of the feigned women pinned the problems on a lead and firm culture that prioritized the mission over proletarians’ wellbeing. Elon Musk examines technologists as a “resource to be quarried, ” Kosak said, rather than people to be cared for. Throw in an overwhelmingly male workforce that leaves wives isolated( one complainant likened it to a “boys’ club”) and women may have little chance of meaningfully addressing provocation. If that’s the instance, any long-term solutions may be needed the managers and policy changes , not only better enforcement of the policies that exist.

Read more: engadget.com

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