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Florida-based logistics provider ShipMonk raises $290 million on the back of rising eCommerce demand

Jan Bednar started ShipMonk with $70,000 in earns from a fibre of student business mean rivalries and propelled the business that merely closed on $290 million in new sources of funding from a small warehouse with no air conditioning in the middle of Florida.

While Bednar’s brand-new offices are still inside the warehouse his busines controls, they now have air conditioning … and a $290 million financing round from Summit Partners to grow its business.

The Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based ShipMonk furnishes a slew of shipping and logistics services for small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses and right now — given the continuing COVID-1 9 pandemic — business is good.

” We assistance SMBs and mid-market direct to shopper fellowships organize their afford chains. Help get their produces from suppliers to facilities and connect with all of their marketings directs including B2B … seek administration, transportation handling, turn logistics ,” said Bednar.

The company’s largest patrons can book anywhere from $150 million to $ 250 million in revenue, but most of ShipMonk’s purchasers are actually small businesses attracting in between$ 1 million and $10 million on average.

It’s for these industries that ShipMonk will replenish its storehouses in Pennsylvania, California and Florida with 60,000 asset remaining sections — managing around 50 different pieces for each purchaser it serves.

Bednar said ShipMonk would use the new money to continue to upgrade its automation services and increase its staffing while at the same time looking to expand internationally.

Profitable from the outset, ShipMonk just came off one of its best years, taking in upwards of $ 140 million in receipt.

Bednar began the business alone, but quickly brought on co-founders Kevin Seitz, who manipulates marketing for the business, and Bosch Jares, a fellow native of the Czech Republic( like Bednar) who dishes as the company’s foreman technology officer.

The story of how Jares attached the business is indicative of the type of hustle that’s allowed Bednar to grow a booming tech and logistics business from the Ft. Lauderdale beaches.

It was the Florida weather that sold Jares, a university student from one of the Czech Republic’s top technological societies, on the move to ShipMonk. Bednar had posted an internship opportunity to work( unpaid, but render room and committee) at his busines on a college job card in the middle of January. The employments came pouring in, but it was Jares, a programmer who had been working with computers since senility 14 who took the slot.

The rest … is ShipMonk history. Jares constructed the bulk of the backend for the company’s initial assistances expend roughly 20 hours per day coding.

The thriftiness and hard work has triumphed ShipMonk a booming business that has been an increase from 15,000 square feet of warehousing room into virtually 1 million square paws of storage infinite and a logistics services which are covers the U.S.

Timing for the brand-new round couldn’t be better, as National Retail Federation approximates are enlisting on a 20% hump in new online sales — which could reach $202 billion this year.

Black Friday alone raked in$ 9 billion in online obtains, according to data from Adobe Analytics provided by the company, and consumer spending is only going to continue to move online as the pandemic continues to threaten the health and safety of American customers.

ShipMonk’s technology integrates with shopping cart and marketplace stages like Shopify to import dictates across sales channels, which are then treated at the company’s warehouse sites. Clients can save up to 50% on their operational costs, according to the company.

“We believe ShipMonk absolutely reveals the power of a bootstrapped, durable emergence mindset. Jan linked a significant gap in the market and, together with the ShipMonk team, has scaled the business in a deliberate and fund efficient way to address that it was necessary to. The ensues have been impressive, ” said Christopher Dean, a Managing board at Summit Partner who is taking a seat on the company’s board.

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