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Facebook’s booming business is dominated by digital ads, but it also has hardware ambitions beyond VR. During the company’s latest earnings announce, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said its next product liberate would be a pair of smart-alecky glasses from Ray-Ban.

“The glasses have their iconic sort part, and they let you do some pretty neat things, ” the Facebook co-founder said. “So I’m elicited to get those into people’s sides and to continue to make progress on the journey toward full augmented actuality glasses in the future.”

Facebook’s sunglasses have been the subject of rumors since 2019. Back then, sources told CNBC that Facebook was working with Ray-Ban owner EssilorLuxottica on AR eyewear nicknamed “Orion.” The glasses were statement as a full-fledged phone replacement on which you were able to take asks, see information and even broadcast livestreams. That consequently attracted likeness to Google Glass( another Luxottica collab) instead of the phone-tethered Spectacles from Snap. Last year, Hugo Barra, then VP VR at Facebook Reality Labs, confirmed that the glasses would moor in 2021. But, we haven’t learn much since.

For Facebook, the glass support the key to its future. Alongside virtual reality, augmented reality( AR) is integral to building the “metaverse, ” Zuckerberg said. In the future, Facebook will morph into a shared, liveable programme that enables you “teleport” between different social experiences employing VR and AR, Zuckerberg justified.

The term metaverse is the latest buzzword clutched upon by Silicon Valley and futurists. While the concept has been available for well over a decade, it gained traction after the breakout success of multiplayer recreation formation pulpits like Fortnite and Roblox. Earlier this week, Microsoft chief Satya Nadella mentioned an “enterprise metaverse” on his company’s earnings call.

For Facebook, the metaverse is more than simply a fad. The firm is spending billions in order to build its shared universe, which will be inhabited with Facebook users and digital ads, according to Zuckerberg. In order for it to become a reality, the company needs more beings to buy its calculating hardware. Therefore, the plan is to move those manoeuvres more affordable.

“Our business mannequin isn’t going to mainly be around trying to sell maneuvers at a large premium or anything like that because our mission is around serving as countless parties as is practicable, ” Zuckerberg noted. “So we want to offset all that is we do as inexpensive as possible, so as many parties as possible can get into it and then deepens the size of the digital economy inside it. So that’s various kinds of at a high level how I’m thinking about this.”

Sunglasses aren’t the only hardware Facebook is reportedly working on. Multiple reports have claimed Facebook is developing a smartwatch with a built-in cellular connection and a detachable display. Initially, it was believed that the watch would be first out the entrance, but it seems Zuckerberg had other plans.

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