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Facebook’s $1,000 bonus only applies to full-time employees working from home, not contractors

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an internal memoranda earlier the coming week that the company will give hires directing from home during the COVID-1 9 pandemic a $1,000 cash bonus. But, as the Intercept first reported, contractors will not receive the bonus.

When TechCrunch queried Facebook why contractors won’t get the bonus, a company spokesperson sent us the following statement same to the one it granted the Intercept, said today,” The $ 1,000 is for full-time employees who are working from home. For contract laborers, we are sending them dwelling and compensating them in full even if they are unable to work, which is much more meaningful than a one-off payment .”

The BBC reported earlier today that Zuckerberg said in a summon with reporters that contract works will also get their full salaries even if they are unable to complete all their normal duties. But Joe Rivano Barros of the Worker Agency, which coordinates safaruss for advocacy radicals like Gig Workers Rise and RAICES Texas, told the publication,” It’s great that they are letting them run from dwelling, but it seems like the bare minimum Facebook could do .”

Facebook has an estimated 15,000 content moderators cultivating through third-party contractors. In the ask covered by the BBC, Zuckerberg said that Facebook full-time hires will take over decisions about sensitive topics, including self-harm and suicide, in part to reduce the mental health impact of ending such content on contractors, and contributed he was ” personally relatively are concerns that the isolation from people being at home could potentially lead to more depression or mental health concerns, and I want to make sure that we are ahead of that supporting local communities .”

A portion of Facebook’s content moderation is also performed by algorithms, though the shortcomings of its filters was highlighted this week when a bug blocked sharing of coronavirus-related content on the platform, even from legitimate brand-new generators( berths were later regenerated ). Human craftsmen are still essential to Facebook’s material moderation system.

The impact of screening content, including murderou or vexing fabric, on human moderators was brought to attention last year after a major report from The Verge in February 2019 about the mental health toll experienced by numerous contractors. Afterward, Zuckerberg said the company would commit to paying all Facebook contractors in the U.S.” a payment that’s more contemplative of the regional costs of living. And for those who review content on our site to make sure it follows our community standards, we’re extending even further. We’re going to provide them a higher base wage, additional benefits, and more supportive planneds given the nature of their jobs .”

As part of its COVID-1 9 response, Facebook also said that it will compensate contingent workers who cannot work as offices close because people have been ordered to work from dwelling, following similar sets from Microsoft and other companies.

But as TechCrunch’s Jonathan Shieber and Alex Wilhelm observed, many tech corporations have created a” dual-class laborer method in recent years, stopping their more technical and product-oriented staff as full-time employees for the central company, while exporting elements of labor to third-party corporations … Moving to comp more, or all workers, is not only good PR, though it is also that it’s simply good morals .”

Facebook commits to paying’ detachment’ craftsmen was influenced by corporate coronavirus response

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