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Facebook wants its augmented reality glasses to read your mind


It turns out Facebook’s research into brain-reading computers is still very much alive, and the drive have had an opportunity to significant implications for another one of the company’s bold programmes: augmented actuality glass.

On Tuesday, Facebook gave its first significant update on its brain-computer interface research since it first introduced the project onstage at F8 in 2017. The ultimate goal of the piece, as Facebook has described it, is to create a system that can “decode silent speech” without the need for implanting electrodes into the brain.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, who have been collaborating with Facebook, say they have taken an important step toward that goal in a brand-new newspaper published in Nature. The investigates, who were working with people once having brain surgery for epilepsy, procreated an algorithm that was able to “decode a small set of full, spoken words and terms from intelligence the actions of real time.” Read more …

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