Facebook to change its name next week, report says

Facebook, the social media company that’s been a massive part of our lives for the last decade or so, might not be called Facebook anymore. The convert may happen as soon as next week.

The news comes from The Verge, which paraphrases information sources with direct knowledge of the matter. According to the report, CEO Mark Zuckerberg will talk about the specify mutate at Facebook’s Connect conference, scheduled for Oct. 28, but the edict could happen sooner than that.


Facebook is hiring 10,000 beings in Europe to build a big metaverse

There are very few details about what the brand-new list may be, or whether it’s going to be a terminated rebrand of Facebook, the service, or perhaps a rebranding of the company while the commodity stays the same( consider Google’s Alphabet moment ). According to the report, the identify deepen is secret to all but few employees, and it could have something to do with Facebook’s recent places great importance on the metaverse and the company’s VR service, Horizon.

Facebook has all but defeated the social media nature, and if the company wants to expand, it has to look beyond its current core properties: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Given Zuckerberg’s focus on virtual and augmented actuality in recent years — he did literally say in July that Facebook “will effectively transition from people appreciating us as mainly has become a social media company to being a metaverse company” — it’s likely that the reputation vary will have something to do with that. And given the amount of( not undeserved) bad press and lawsuits Facebook has seen in recent years, the company might feel it’s time for a fresh start.

I’ve reached out to Facebook and a spokesperson told me the company doesn’t comment on “rumour or speculation.”

Read more: mashable.com

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